A Quarter Of Federal COVID Relief Funds In Wisconsin Funneled To Planned Parenthood by Guv

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Gov. Tony Evers has used federal COVID relief dollars to handsomely reward his allies at Planned Parenthood — an organization that has spent generously in electing Tony Evers.

One of every four federal COVID relief dollars in a state grant fund the governor controls has gone to Planned Parenthood clinics in the state, according to the Evers administration’s own tracking site. 

The Democrat’s special attention to the controversial abortion provider may not be surprising but it is infuriating to a vehement opponent of Planned Parenthood. More

15 Comments on A Quarter Of Federal COVID Relief Funds In Wisconsin Funneled To Planned Parenthood by Guv

  1. Which means that a significant portion of those funds went into democrat campaign coffers. I’ve said it a million times… “Relief packages” are looting, plain and simple.

  2. Democrats The party of dead babies. And WE get to pay for it. I bet other dem governors are kicking themselves for not thinking of this.

  3. Evers has been in the pocket of the teacher union for decades even before he was elected. Wisconsin Democrat Governors have a history of pandering to the teacher union. Former Democrat Gov. Doyle gave 98% of Wisconsin’s Obama stimulus money to the Teacher Union. This is all about rewarding their voter loyalty.
    They are scum bags who ripoff tax payers for their own personal goals.

  4. Not that a single one if these bastards believes in our Lord and Savior but I would not want to be a Demonrat standing in front of God and explaining why I killed babies.

    Hell is a very crowed place and Demonrats are all heading that way.

  5. AND…..about half the money funneled to Planned Parenthood will be funnelled BACK to the likes of Pelosi and gang.

  6. @KCIR

    Cheese Heads are OK. It’s the Cheese Dicks running Wisconsin that I despise, mostly punchable face punching bag Evers and his irritating liberal ear to ear grin and his obnoxious demeanor. I think there is a song called “Lovable You”, which for him would be “Punchable You”.

  7. Continued sinister plans by the left and the child-molesting segregationist Biden and collaborators to exterminate all non-whites. These creatures will ‘reward’ anyone or any entity which engages in such atrocities.

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