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This is interesting…

Sunday evening, Sharyl Attkisson opened up her Twitter to anyone who wanted to ask her a question.

And someone asked her this:


And Attkisson’s reply was interesting.

Now, this is in no way definitive. But I do find it extremely interesting.  more

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  1. The Democratic bullpen looks very week now. I hope they go for Corey Booker because being from NJ, I know him to be a very weak candidate.

  2. I believe the question was whether or not Trump would go over, or under his first term … 3 more years (I know … after Jan 20 … yadda, yadda …) …. could be wrong, but that’s the way I perceive it

    my .02 …. over

  3. Oops, on my cell, meant “weak”. But ironically, I guess they are pretty much week-to-week right now. I think they were floating 98 year-old Bidenn today?!

  4. What’s the over/under on McConnell lasting another year in his position?

    What’s the over/under on McCain lasting another year on this planet?

  5. I can’t wait for President Trump to finish his first full term in office with so much winning for us, as Americans, that we are sick of it; and then we keep on winning for the next four years. With our Captains (His, or our team voters) at the helm with calm seas and a following sea( that is us) we will keep on winning the battles that we are facing .

  6. I see a stronger likelihood of a viable 3rd party (or at least a reformed republican party) since TRUMP took office than ever before. The swamp(media included) seems to be destroying/draining itself as they become more unhinged day by day.
    TRUMP is the right guy at the right time and he is my hero.

  7. How can Trump critics be so blind and ignorant of the good things he’s accomplished already.

    As soon as he was inaugurated, they said he was dangerous and unbalanced. I’d like to know what they base that on.

    These people make no sense and lack reason.

  8. @RosalindJ

    Powerful, powerful post. I didn’t put the two together until you mentioned it. The army will teach them to shoot and then dope ’em up until they’re needed. These people will have no problem taking out whoever has a target-the man at the top or those in the streets.

  9. Some time soon we all will be needed to go well beyond what the TEA Party started. RU prepared, ready, and determined? Alinsky wins.

  10. Trump will serve his full term unless he chooses not to. All this talk is a wet dream of the rabid left. If he is somehow forced out it’ll be because of underhanded and contrived attacks. If that were to happen then the left will finally get the fight in the streets they’ve been begging for.

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