A romp through the hideaway havens of Ghislaine Maxwell from our dependable free press

This woman was harder to find than Waldo.

American Thinker:
By  Mike Konrad

The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell (July 2) as an accessory to the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein provides us an opportunity to take a quick look back at the integrity and dependability of some quite recent stories.

She was reportedly hiding out at an estate in New Hampshire.

Ghislaine Maxwell was hiding out in a luxury home on a 156-acre estate in New Hampshire — where she fled to a bedroom when the feds rang the bell at the gate ahead of her arrest, The Post has learned. —New York Post (July 2)

That report seems reliable.  However, on June 21, less than two weeks ago, The New York Post reported:

Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly hiding from the feds in plush Paris apartment

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged “madame,” Ghislaine Maxwell, has reportedly fled to her native France.

The socialite on the run has bunkered down in a plush Paris apartment as the FBI investigates her connection to the billionaire convicted pedophile and alleged sex trafficker, The Sun reported Saturday.

That seems odd.  A New York newspaper had fallen for a false story a mere two weeks ago?!  Nothing gets by the New York press.  Of course, in defense of the New York Post, it was merely citing The Sun as a source.

Yet the story seemed plausible, as The Sun had an outside photo shot of her hideaway, even giving the street address as “Avenue Matignon, in Paris’s exclusive 8th Arrondissement.”  Everything but her phone number. more here

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  1. fbi couldnt find their ass with both hands. BUT if there was a noose hanging anywhere near this pimp and molester, the fbi would’ve been on it like flies on cow patties.

  2. Possibly Jizzstain has friends in the media that were trying to point everyone in the wrong direction?

    If she lives past the next month, there may be some interesting shit on TV.

    Lets hope she spills the beans & gets offed, Win Win!

  3. She’s on suicide watch. So the Clinton’s will make sure she’s found hanging in her cell, or drowned in her toilet.

  4. Gee another darned Arkancide and no one will care. Let’s hope she spills the beans before she ends up mysteriously dead like Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Jeffrey Epstein etc. etc.

  5. The BBC is already reporting that she will take a turn for the worst with the WuFlu on July 11th.

  6. Figures….

    yet another pedophile besmirches New Hampshire with their foul lifestyle. It was bad enough when they built a “special” pedo-prison up north and our state gets flooded with new release sex-offenders from all over the USA but now we have to put up with the high-rollers too?

    What’s next, we find out wienstien has a secret sex-slave hideout in the white mountains?

  7. The FBI is totally corrupt. That rat Wray remains in charge – what the fuck!!!!!!!!!????????

  8. Doesn’t make sense that she bought an expensive house and relocated here if she was in hiding. Don’t know what to read into it but it makes zero sense.

  9. The press is spending an inordinate amount of resources chasing down every rumor regarding the Epstein case. Why? To try and find any possible thread, no matter how flimsy, to try and tie Epstein to Trump, knowing full well Bill Clinton was in deep, but trying to hide the fact.

  10. So we can expect a suicide with no working cameras and guards mysteriously absent. Epstein Part Deux.

  11. So we can expect a suicide with no working cameras and guards mysteriously absent. Epstein Part Deux, the Arkancide Chronicles grow yet again.

  12. I truly feel this is related:
    (NY Post) “President Trump has now fired Geoffrey Berman, the US Attorney in Manhattan who had refused to step down when ordered to by the Justice Department on Friday night.”
    Everyone wondered why fire Berman? Why now?
    This was the first move to eliminate deep staters, leakers, from the SDNY office. THEN bust this Epstein cohort.
    If Trump and Barr play things correctly, they can blow up a LOT of corruption in the next two months.

  13. The FBI has her. The same FBI that ran the “collusion coup” against the president. She’s a multi millionaire with properties all over the globe and she’s “hiding” in New Hampshire. And the FBI found her.
    A few weeks ago the rumor was seeded that she and Bill Clinton were having an affair. That “explains” his trips to pedo island.
    And all of a sudden I see pics of her and Trump all over the net.
    All just coincidences I’m sure!
    She worked a deal to come here, turn herself in, and to falsley testify that her most regular client was Donald Trump and in exchange her suicide will be postponed indefinitely. (They’ll still arkanicide her after, she’s a loose end).

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