A Senate Investigation Has Been Launched Into Pfizer After Project Veritas’ ‘Bombshell’ Undercover Video – IOTW Report

A Senate Investigation Has Been Launched Into Pfizer After Project Veritas’ ‘Bombshell’ Undercover Video

Becker News: Project Veritas’ ‘bombshell’ video that uncovered that Pfizer was exploring intentionally mutating Covid strains to profit off future mRNA “vaccines” has now led to a Senate investigation.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has fired off a letter to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla to explain the revelations in Project Veritas’ undercover video footage featuring Jordon Triston Walker, a Pfizer Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planner.

“An investigative report suggests that Pfizer may be conducting gain-of-function research, which it dubs ‘directed evolution’ research to mutate the SARS-CoV-2 virus to create additional, more potent variants and vaccines to combat future variants,” Rubio’s office states. “This type of research, similar to gain-of-function research, has long been controversial, and is suspected to be the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The following is the letter to Dr. Albert Bourla, who has long made false claims about the Pfizer vaccines and their impact on public health. more

14 Comments on A Senate Investigation Has Been Launched Into Pfizer After Project Veritas’ ‘Bombshell’ Undercover Video

  1. Good news……a sternly worded letter. That always works for being a good addition to a re-election resume!

  2. When’s the hanging? I’m asking for a friend.

  3. Who is Jordon Trishton Walker

    Graduate Degree

    Money Grubber

    Link ps /brianoshea.substack.com/p/who-is-jordon-trishton-walker

    Can the page be edited to make the link work
    I give permission for this post to be edited

  4. somebody help me lift up the carpet!
    we’ve got a lot more stuff to sweep underneath

  5. Oh, joy. Little Marco doing what he does so well and accomplishing his usual not-a-damned-thing.

    Stand up and take a bow, boy. Oh. You are standing. Never mind.

  6. ^ He “fired off a letter.”

    With a high-powered stamp on an envelope! OMG! Such power exists?

    Paging Vladimir Putin: Bring your hyper-sonic missile ship closer.

  7. B R E A K I N G

    Just Now at 322 on msNBC

    FDA approves AIDS patients to donate to the US Blood Supply.

    Just happened.


  8. Hahaha!
    They aren’t going to find anything in their “investigation”.
    They were all making $$$ from the scamdemic and everything surrounding it.

  9. General: it probably did not need a stamp because of the Franking privilege.

  10. Pfizer will be writing some big checks… to Senators.

  11. You should know that you can’t depend on a fag to keep his mouth shut.

  12. Well, Thank God it was a “sternly” worded letter Marco sent.

    I am so relieved, otherwise we would never get to the bottom of this effort to further weaponize COVID for profit scheme. /s

  13. Oh gosh! Another worthless ‘investigation’.

    They have to hurry and obfuscate their liability.

  14. BOOM!!!!!!
    HT tps://www.msn.com/en-us/health/other/trump-dismisses-covid-19-vax-safety-claims-says-he-saved-100-million-lives/ar-AA16q3mX

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