A Solution for This Week’s Mystery Announcement

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By Clarice Feldman

Some weeks there’s a plethora of important stories and this week is no exception, but I’d like to highlight something which is getting far less attention than I think it deserves: The administration is using economic sanctions and anti-money laundering laws to seize the billions of dollars of stolen funds sloshing about the world in international money laundering schemes. 

For this, I must thank an online friend “Melinda,” who brought this to my attention during a week in which the rioting in some Democrat-run cities and the horrific explosion in Beirut drew most of the attention. 

The mystery began when the President traveled to Cleveland. When he left under very high security, the staff, in what struck some as an unusual move, stood outside the White House to see him off to Ohio. In Cleveland, while standing in front of Whirlpool laundry machines, he said something curious:

“I have a lot of enemies. This may be the last time you see me for a while. I have a lot of very rich enemies. They’re not happy with what I’m doing. But I figure we have one chance to do it. No other president is gonna do what I do.”

To what was this in reference? And why the staff sendoff?

Was he just speaking generally about his policies? Was he making a surprise trip to Afghanistan where a Loya Jirga among all the competing parties was supposed to end in a peace treaty? Was he leaving the White House for a few weeks as he’d done before so that necessary maintenance could take place in his absence and the concern about the staff sendoff was mere hyperventilating?

All we know is that he went from Ohio to Bedminster, New Jersey, and then to the Hamptons.

Brian Cates offered up one suggestion that made the most sense to me. The DoJ is going full bore against the largest international  money launderers and there is concern about retaliation against him. read more

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  1. “international money launderers ”

    Silly me. I thought it might have something to do with exposing countless famous and powerful men as Pedophiles. Including Bill Clinton.

  2. Stay safe President Trump. You are on the right side of history, and I do believe that no other president would do what you are doing to save America.

  3. Brian Cates did a worthwhile job of putting that all together. Is it accurate? Is the shit about to hit the fan? Let’s hope so, and pray for President Trump and his entire family to stay safe.

  4. @Bad Brad

    It would not be surprising if the international money launderers and international pedophiles have a union as in a Venn diagram, that is, some overlap.

  5. Could it be he was setting the final rinse to go into the spin cycle? 🤔

    Final rinse meaning your busted.

    Spin cycle meaning the news media won’t be able to spin it.

  6. He was actually in Clyde, Ohio where a number of my ancestors were born and raised. I heard him make that remark and was VERY alarmed. After the speech I immediately started looking for any articles that made reference to this but couldn’t find a thing. Please, God. Keep him safe. Surround him with a legion of your angels and a wall of fire.


    Thanks for the link to President Trump’s calendar. Lots of interesting info on that site! I especially like checking out the corona virus numbers for different states/counties. (Our numbers appear lower than what we are told by our local ‘news’.) 🤨

  8. It’d be nice if AG Barr was dropping the hammer on traitors and crooks at the top. Hillary clinton, obama, biden, kerry and pelosi come to mind.


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