A Southern “Goodbye” Never Ends

In the South, “goodbye” means “let’s catch up some more!”

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  1. Especially in the grocery store. And if you do manage to break free, you get out with what you have in the cart, or else you sneak around the store trying to avoid the person you just spent twenty minutes talking to. AwKwArD!

  2. You’ve obviously never experienced a Minnesota goodbye. It must be why even Garrison Kieller moved to Sweden and then New York.
    We tried, but we couldn’t get rid of that bastard!

  3. I have seen checkout clerks in grocery stores carry on conversations for several minutes with a customer that has paid, been bagged, and other than talking about people they know, ready to leave. It doesn’t matter how many people are in line. I just accept it as part of shopping in the south.

  4. Saxindacity, so true! You should have seen our goodbys that start in the living room, slowly advancing to the hallway, to the door, on the porch, in the driveway and even IN the car, just like this video! Just add the slow drive away as we wave our arms out the windows!

    I miss my friends in Mpls.

  5. Pretty funny, and true. On the phone when you’re finally done it’s not good bye or just bye it’s always mmmm-bye and it’s annoying as hell. What’s the “mmmm” for?

  6. But they are happy.
    Happiness is connecting with others.
    Happiness does not come from doing, making money or putting your head down.

    Too many people these days are just doing a grind and are not inherently happy. God, Family, Friends make for a wonderful, fulfilling life.


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