A Stamp for Disgraced Newsman Cronkite?

CFP: Before Dan Rather disgraced himself as the anchor of the CBS Evening News, there was Walter Cronkite, who paved the way for a communist takeover of South Vietnam and openly despised and attacked President Ronald Reagan’s peace-through-strength policies.


Cronkite, who became an advocate of world government and a stooge of Soviet propaganda operations, is now the subject of a campaign to put his likeness on an official U.S. postage stamp.

The terrible truth about Walter Cronkite, as we noted in 2009 after his passing, is that he “symbolized liberal media bias and used that bias with disastrous consequences for our nation and the world.”


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  1. ok, so I am hoping some one can prove or disprove this. My Dad told me that right after JFK was shot, this jerkwad interrupted regular programming and stated, “the president of the United States has just been assassinated by a member of the conservative faction” knowing this asshat I can believe it, but can anyone out there prove it? thanks

  2. Saint Walter ain’t so saintly anymore now that he’s been exposed as a progtard. And to think we all thought he was the bees knees back in the day when there were only 3 TV networks, boy did he have us fooled. He started to lose it in early 1968 during the Tet offensive in Vietnam, which we won by the way no thanks to him and the damned media coverage of it. I don’t watch any network or cable news anymore and haven’t for the past 15-20 years if not more. My BS quotient/detector is very high so I don’t believe a damned word the lamestream media says about anything anymore. Thank God for an alternative conservative media including Rush, IOTWR, the internet etc., it’s the only way to stay sane in Bizarro World where up is down, black is white, a lie is the truth and nothing makes a damned lick of sense anymore.

  3. I’ve read dozens of books on the the assassination and I’ve never seen that. I did see clips of Cronkite breaking into programming and announcing that Kennedy was dead. He was crying when he said it.

  4. cronkite’s nightly commentary of lies about the great society and Vietnam has harmed and killed more people than we realize.
    Stamp “Traitor” on the history of cronkite, that’s the way it is.

  5. I actually met that leftist fucktard at the Annapolis Sailboat Show back in the late 80’s. Everyone else was falling over themselves to shake his hand. He offered his hand to me and I just looked at him and deliberately crossed my arms as a big silent F.U. Then I did a spot-on imitation of his sonorous voice. I don’t know why but he failed to see the humor in it. But then again, leftists are thin-skinned and have no sense of humour.

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