A Story, and a Student, the Left Will Absolutely Hate

Darrell Andrews Jr. is the left’s worst nightmare.


He Earned $700K in Scholarships Including the Gates Millennium Scholarship and AXA Achievement Award.

So why would the left hate him?

Yeah, yeah, I know most readers have already guessed it.

A- “Being home schooled has allowed my mom to create a curriculum around my interests. I was able to dive deeply into the world of art and explore it from all angles.” 

That right there is enough to piss off the left. But there’s more.

B- “Earning scholarship money to attend my dream college is a burdened lifted off my parents and me.” 

Hmmm. Both parents intact and he’s one of the top scholarship earners in the country, (for an actual skill and trade, not some meaningless socio-mumbo jumbo bullshit) having collected enough money for 10 years of higher learning. Coincidence? I think not.

But that’s not all!!!!!

C- “I am truly thankful to God for this opportunity and couldn’t have done it without Him in my life.” 

We have a trifecta!!!!

Good luck Darrell. I truly hope that you’re on the right. You have all the markers, and remember, the plantation owners on the left hate you.


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  1. I kinda disagree with ‘C’. Blacks are the only group in the US that can be shown on TV and other media as Christian and even Holy Roller-ish and it’s accepted and OK. Whites, on the other hand, shown in the same light, are depicted as cultish fundamental whackos who kill people.

  2. Being a Christian is a-ok for blacks as long as they do not display any other right-wing markers.
    This kid, on paper, is useless to the left.
    The Christianity part, in conjunction with A and B, is a huge problem for the left.

  3. Darrell Andrews Jr.

    Jr.! Gotta love that!

    Hope he doesn’t go to a college that turns his mind into mush.

    God Bless him.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Would it be safe to assume he won’t get shot and justifiably killed by George Zimmerman? Or steal Swisher Sweets and then get justifiably shot and justifiably by a policeman acting in self-defense?

  5. He’s obviously an Uncle Tom who will lead a prosperous and happy life.

    How do I sign up to be an Uncle Tom?

  6. I give this young man a STANDING OVATION!!! And ONE for his parents!! Outstanding family!!! I wish them all the absolute very best!!

  7. please don’t get lost out there…………KEEP THE FAITH, as we used to say in the 60’s…..only we didn’t really mean it THAT way,…

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