It’s been interesting watching Trump offer the carrot and stick to corporations regarding them moving production offshore. Trump has tweeted threats of taxes of up to 35% on products produced by US companies produced offshore and then sold on American soil. The carrot he is offering is greatly reduced taxes and regulations to sweeten the spot to keep American jobs in America. We’ll see how successful he is getting Congress to repeal business-killing regulations they have been paid billions by globalist lobbyists to write!

AWD saw an old friend this week who owns a company in the Services industry. He was frustrated beyond belief at how federal and state government had negatively affected his business. I’m sure this frustration is shared by tens of thousands of small businesses across America.

My friend runs a small company of 300 non-skilled labor employees paid $10-$12 an hour. Margins are tight for his company like they are for most Business Service companies and his company struggles to remain in the black.

I asked him what he considered to be the biggest threat to his company’s survival. Without hesitation he said “government.” He said government imposes so many ridiculous employee laws and regulations that it’s hard to keep up with them all. I asked for clarification.

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  1. I closed my doors in 2001-let 7 people go. I spend a solid 1 day a week doing paper work. I believe I got out several years before really crushing regs hit.

    Miss the opps to do large projects but don’t miss all of the other bullshit.

  2. Thanks AWD.
    Funny thing this topic came up yesterday at the sewing center. One of my 3 machines crapped out. The electronic one made outside the US. The newest of the 3. We’re lucky to have a guy and his daughters who actually repair the things because the made in Bumf*ck ones are just throw-aways.

    Got to talking about how the old reliable US makers, Singer, Kenmore, etc. moved out to China years ago due to massive regulation or simply couldn’t compete and quit. What used to be every sewing woman’s dream are now cheap plastic drek.
    Quilting fabric, even worse. There used to be US manufacturers until the EPA came along and they moved to China which hiked the prices a lot. Prices have been high and are heading toward insane.

    The cost of the part, repair and tune up on this machine is more than new throw-away made in China piece of crap. The junker will take this piece of plastic.
    I am buying a new made in Japan every bell and whistle machine. I know the brand is reliable. Heavy duty, real metal, 25 yr warranty. I have a 30 year old model made this company that is a war horse but basic.

    Too damn bad it can’t be a proudly made in America model. I guess there is some consolation in Americans are paid to unload and sort and send to stores.
    End of my rambling rant.

  3. AWD? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t or wasn’t he #NeverTrump?

  4. Eugenia, Aside from missing the embroidery attachment, I have a near mint PFAFF 130 if you’re interested. I doubt you’ll ever break it.

  5. Considering a great portion of regs are written and enforced by abc agencies without their input/passage, I can’t see why congress is necessary to roll back. They’ve served no purpose other than profunctorily approving each and every job killing regulation by inaction. Why wake them now?

  6. I will be so happy when I call any tech support and someone answers that actually can speak English!

  7. @old_oaks, I am thinking on it. That’s a beautiful machine. How much are you asking? Any idea of the weight for shipping? Off the top of your head do you know if replacement belts are available? Pfaff made great machines back in the good old days.

    I reserved the Brother from another country today and will pick it up tomorrow. A girl can’t have too many machines. My work horse is a 25 year old metal Brother. Also have an ancient Kenmore that is getting hard to find parts for since Sears ditched a lot of their parts.

    Would love to have a vintage Feather Weight, not to mention, a long arm quilter.

  8. It’s a big mistake to think Trump used a carrot. He didn’t. He used a switch. Trumps a very casual biz guy until you realize he’s got his canines sunk into your jugular. Trumps a winner, and more importantly he understands what it takes to win. He walked into those “negotiations ” with all the power.

  9. I’ve long believed regulations written by executive branch agencies ought to be unconstitutional unless or until voted on an approved by the legislative branch of government, and signed into law by the president.

    The constitution only gives power to write law to the legislative branch. Not the executive. The current system is just as wrong as the judicial branch writing law, instead of only judging the law.

    If the Senators & Congressmen are going to ceed power to write law to the executive branch of government. They have no purpose for existing. They’ve failed to do their duty. Do away with them and save the money spent on them. The country can’t survive the bureaucracy created by unelected minions they have no power to fire. It’s excessive bureaucracy that killed the powerful great countries of the past.

  10. I’ll buy American, if it wasn’t built by some bunch of union racketeers who get paid more per hour than I do.

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