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A Survivor’s Guide to Black History Month at Work

Peachy Keenan on Substack

It was political indoctrination at its finest [in grade school], and we all finished sixth grade knowing that America was great, all men were created equal, slavery was bad, and civil rights are good. It was your patriotic duty as a citizen to believe this.

Like the flag, Black History Month has evolved somewhat.

Black History Month [BHM] has made a rather notable recent jump from sixth grade classrooms to sleek corporate boardrooms. Patriotism and history are out, trite cultural clichés are in. BHM is nothing more than a month-long struggle session inflicted on those who still toil unhappily at one of America’s teetering globocorps. Further

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  1. Tip:

    Don’t be Like The Justine Turdeau & do Blackface 3 times publicly unless you want to be very successful and run a Country into the ground.

  2. TBH, I can’t tell the difference between this month and any other month. Every day we still get our noses rubbed into the conglomeration of all of society’s ills as somehow our doing.

    The rest of the year is no different. White kids in school are still marginalized and labeled as oppressors, black folks are still favored in government hires, the criminal justice system gives them a free pass, they are granted special dispensation in all things speech related, they get their own quads in college and separate graduation days, and you can’t swing a dead cat in Hollywood without hitting half dozen black actors. I saw a commercial the other day for Amazon Prime where they featured their new streaming series, 4 different series all about black families, black gangsters, and black performers. This is the new normal.

    How I celebrate Black History Month is to remove myself from the drama, and the hysteria and say to myself, “Well, at least they got a job and are paying taxes”.

  3. The “power” of Maxine Waters is the same power as a Taco Bell three bean burrito dump! You wipe carefully & flush when the power passes!!!

  4. Matt Braken wrote this back in 2020 I believe. It becomes more relevant every day. And your Federal Government is fanning the flames. Turning people against one another.
    Any way the teed it up again on WRS. A good read.


  5. Once February is over, maybe we can start using the word ‘niggardly’ again without being called racists! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight… Oh well, maybe we can look forward to March which is now officially One-Eyed Hunchback Lithuanian Lesbians History Month!

  6. Another Marxist mandated political government sponsored overreach, like MLK Jr. Day, Black History Month is a flagship socialist event that makes way for other anti-American “celebrations”. None of which includes conservative ideology or concepts. Divide and conquer – the leftist go to move.
    Crony capitalist corporations will profit like crazy while black Americans are hoodwinked by lies provided by The 1619 Project, BLM, The Democrat Party.
    I despise Black History Month. It’s a anti-American concept designed to cause friction and separate black Americans from their true origin/history as Americans which they should be proud/greatful to be apart of everyday.

  7. When I think of black people as a whole, I envision LBJ beating them with a whip and demanding that they continue voting for the Democrat Party.

  8. Meh. My factory has more actual Africans than American Blacks, and they actually LAUGH when the American Blacks talk about “the struggle” because THEY come from countries that ACTUALLY shoot you instead of hurt ya feelz, and the American Blacks don’t seem to know how to respond to this.

    And our Cambodians, Vienamese, Christian Chinese, and Thais among others don’t seem overly impressed with talk of microagressions either, considering they are here to avoid execution, re-education, or outright sex slavery back home.

    And our Hondurans, Guatemalans, El Salvadorans, Venezuelans, and Mexicans among others could care less about it, having their own ethnic pride system fighting for the same scraps. What they say is in Spanish, but they seem to consider it all excuse-making for laziness.

    And we have a smattering of Lithuanians and ethnic Russians too, but they are White and so don’t count.

    Not sure what our (dot) Indians think about it. They are all un executive and technical jobs and so I don’t see them much, but we have a ton of those too.

    White people, not so much. Cowed midfle managers who can’t fire minorities for anything and powerless scrubs like me.

    …I suppose, given our majority minority status, that’s why our overseas owner pretty much just publishes posters about how great diversity is and leaves it at that. Not much point it spending time on Black history, real or no, when most of your staff isn’t really obligated to give a shit because they, too, are some variant of BIPOC and your factory is inudated in a 24/7/365 Democrat owned political county anyway, seeing as how they can’t reduce the White headcount any more and still have anyone to blame…

  9. FWIW, the American Blacks I work most directly with are actually very hard working young men who i have zero problem with as we are all just here to shoulder through another day together and petty race crap won’t help with that. I don’t do personnel things and the company is careful to ensure their team leader/ramrod is as Black as they are, so mostly the lazies are kicked out of this relatively small department by other Blacks, so they can’t call rayyciss on it. It’s a relatively well-paid area, the dope smokers and gang members tend to wash up in entry level packoff positions and usually get bored and quit pretty soon as its work and they don’t like it. I won’t say I haven’t smelled a morning beer on one or two of them occasionally and haven’t seen the odd prison tattoo, but mostly we all just want to get the day over and get out, so you just don’t say certain words for 10 hours and everything is OK.

    Then go burn cities down or whatever on your own time, if that’s what you’re into. But the city burners are allergic to hard work in the first place.

  10. Captain Obvious,

    Cold weather also reduces the body count.
    Less Backyard BBQ
    Padded jackets
    More people indoors

    every little bit…

  11. The epitaph ‘Racist’ is ‘Hate Speech’ and the user should be given severe punishment for crimes against humanity and civility!!!!!!

  12. My birthday is in February and it really pisses me off that I have to hear all this black history BS all during my birthday month.

    Thank goodness I am retired so I don’t have to participate in all the stupidity described in this article.


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