A Tender Moment

Such a gentle touch.

What was the kitty thinking?

The birdie?

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  1. The tail movements indicate the predator instincts, yet this cat has probably only seen birds from a window and can not believe it is now actually unobstructed. Retrained, confused?

  2. My cat would have had it in her mouth and out the door in 3..2..1.. before I could catch her and save it. It always amazes me when I see cats being friends with hamsters, birds and bunnies, etc. My cat is a total hunter with no soft feelings for her prey whatsoever.

  3. There was an outside cat around my house several years ago that ate chipmunks.
    They were an endangered species for awhile

  4. He’s probably aware that the owner is watching. For now.

    We had a big tomcat, and for about a year had a big fat rabbit that we’d let out in the back yard. A couple of times we saw the cat ‘cuddling’ with the rabbit – but I think he was trying to figure out how he could get away with it, particularly since the rabbit was larger.

  5. The cat looked slightly cross eyed, could be attributed a heavy dose of cat nip before filming. Once the cat shakes off its hangover the bird is in trouble.

  6. Gosh Claudia this is nothing like your sunday photos of joy happiness and love. Wonder what happened to the bird after the camera was off.😥 oh well. Survival off the fitess.we all gotta eat. 😎

  7. That bird wouldn’t have stood a chance against my yellow tabby Finn. He would’ve killed it almost immediately and then left it for the dog to slime it with her mouth and give it to my daughter as a present.

  8. If you ever figure it out, let me know. My main cat will lay on top of me and at some point will slooooowly reach a paw up and ever so lightly – and I mean you can barely feel it – touch my chin. It’s like she isn’t sure I’m real and just wants to check. Strangest thing any of my cats have done.

  9. There was a family or group of groundhogs that lived across the yard on our neighbor’s property that used to roam around freely. One of them was huge, like really big.

    One day, before sightings of large hawks was a normal occurance, a huge halk landed on our neighbors deck rail and kept watching the groundhog. The GH paid the huge hawk no mind and just kept scavenging on the ground for whatever. We watched for about ten minutes to see what woul happen. The hawk had to be “analyzing” his options.

    Eventually the hawk flew over to our deck rail to perch. I was quite excited to see a hawk so close to the wndow where I was watching. Pretty soon the hawk turned his neck, lifted his hind, and shot sh*t all over the rail and deck. I banged on the window yelling get the hell out of here, before DH went out to clean it up.

    I then wished the hawk would have tried to take down the GH. We would have rooted for the GH for the win.


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