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A time to stand

For all great truths begin as blasphemies.

Praying Mantis: History is redacted and written by the winning side. Having unfollowed the corporate media for over a decade, I was not privy to the narrative they were spewing. However, on the first anniversary of January 6th, I am compelled to write this personal experience so my children, their kids and you who read Praying Mantis will know the truth from someone who was there.

Within days after November 3rd, many were deeply troubled by the statistically impossible blue jump, the witness testimony of election malfeasance, election data mathematical anomalies, and common-sense conclusion that a basement campaign could not possible overcome Trump’s massive rally turnout. Something was wrong with the election process, it was not secure or representative, it needed to be reviewed. Moreover, discussing such concerns in public forums was censored, shadow banned or deplatformed – these were “the most secure elections in US history.” Not. more

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  1. I saw an old clip(again) of Stephenopoopolus badgering Rand Paul to admit that the election was legit. Made me want to meet him. Paul to his credit would not do it despite 4 or 5 attempts by the POS.

    And our side is just as bad with the likes of Tom “let’s move on” Cotton being the rule much more than the exception.

    It should tell anyone with 2 functioning brain cells all you need to know about our “representation” in DC.

  2. I had my ticket to ride for Jan 6. Backpack loaded to yet another trip to DC. How many protests and counter protests have I been to in DC? I can’t even count them.

    But I smelled a rat. I got a good smeller apparently.

    It didn’t help that the senate election in Georgia was stolen in broad daylight on Jan 5.

    That’s when I knew we were living in a socialist dictatorship.

    The leftists don’t care what Americans think. Governance is none of our business. Shut the fuck up.

  3. @anonymous. You have a very low IQ. Does your mommy still tie your shoes?

    Nobody wins a legitimate election hiding in their basement. How stupid are you?

  4. ’cause nothing says mentally deranged like blowing off stopping the count(first time in our history) in 5 counties at the same time with Trump owning insurmountable leads and upon resumption, Biden was pretty much tied & pulling ahead.

    yeah Buckwheat, that makes sense only to scum suckers like you Bididjiots. Payback is a bitch and I don’t what form it’s going to take but if I’m doing any of the doling out, there’s not going to be any quarter given.

  5. Peehenry, a doorstop could of beat him! Just a minute it did. See enough people hate his slimy ass to show him the door. He was fired! With extreme prejudice.

  6. @nunyo bidness January 16, 2022 at 7:18 pm

    > Democrats are breaking all the rules to end elections in America forevermore

    If they do, will the Republican loyal “opposition” stop lying that “elections have consequences”?

  7. Are you the same Anonymous who up-votes yourself scores of times?

    You fucking faggot.


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