A Trump Presidency? What Would It Look Like?

Unless the oft predicted collapse of the Trump campaign finally arrives in the next 24 hours, we are facing the very real prospect of the Republican frontrunner sewing the nomination up before April.


Pundits are beginning to turn their attention to what a Trump Presidency might be like.

Hugh Hewitt gives some good reasons for those on the right why a Trump Presidency is preferred to what the Democrats will have on offer Here

The Los Angeles Times reassures its leftist leaders that The Donald won’t be handed carte blanche if and when he assumes office Here




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  1. I will vote for Trump if he is the nominee but it won’t be without a lot of gut wrenching, I just have a bad feeling about who he really is and what kind of a prez he would be. I really hope I am wrong. When it comes to being a conservative this is his first time at the rodeo. I know a lot of you are on the bandwagon for him and I hope for all our sakes that he does not turn on us.

  2. Hope is the key word. In 2008 a lot of people ‘Hoped’ for ‘Change’. They pinned all their hopes on the eloquent speaker in hope he would bring the change they wanted.
    He went another route.
    Will Trump go another route? I Hope not.

  3. Read his recent speech
    He must have the crowd hypnotized. It is disjointed blathering that often borders on nonsense.
    Does NOBODY listen to what the man is saying?
    Or are they hearing something their own head is creating?
    I don’t watch TV, so I have never seen him speak. I have read several of his speeches though. Actually, the one I linked is the most lucid one I have read.

  4. Trump will, certainly, be no less destructive to America than the present pretender to the Presidency. His Administration may even be a net positive. He has a clarity that we haven’t experienced since Truman, and he’s more genuinely American than the socialists disguised as “democrats” (which includes RINOs and Demonrats).

  5. You linked to a transcript of a Trump rally, not a speech.
    Big difference.

    I would link to a Cruz or Rubio rally with 33,000 people, but I can’t find one.

  6. Most, if not all of you guys above seem to be (are?) anti-Trump and/or pro Cruz.


    Please understand many like me have doubts about his “reliability”, as you do about Trump. I only ask you to please consider – in your criticisms of Trump and “all the hope/faith it takes to support him” – just how much faith and trust you have of Ted Cruz.

    I’m NOT going into the same old same old list (You and I both know it), just trying to say 1) try to see how Trump can be good for America, 2) America can do alot “worse” than Trump, 3) THE PERFECT IS THE ENEMY OF THE GOOD.

  7. It will look like something between Bill Clinton and Obama is what we are going to get. This man ain’t going to build a wall. We probably will get some womanizing scandals that rival Clinton. The man who says he likes single payer will give us some mutated version of just that. Ignoring the Constitution will continue and even worse with a full fledged authoritarian who is used to getting his way. We are so fucked because people have drank some really yummy cool aide.

  8. BFH, what did Trump do at the rally if not give a speech?
    Was it a stand up routine?
    Or banter while juggling chain saws?
    It is true that he wasn’t reading something someone else prepared for him like Soetoro does with the teleprompter, it was raw Trump, being as coherent as he actually is.
    Is your point of the 33,000 (actually it wasn’t that many, Trump tossed out several different numbers getting larger all the time and the fire dept locked the doors at some point before 30,000. Trump was just making up numbers) that there is a bigger audience for showmanship than for substance and coherence. Sadly you are likely correct.
    Really though, how could you read that and see brilliance at any level? I understand when a guy like Rodney Dangerfield does this kind of disjointed routine, he is reading the crowd. That is what an entertainer does.

  9. TO True Troll

    I would suggest that, IF a President Trump did NOT get a wall built, it would be due to a REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRAT-UNIPARTY CONGRESS which blocked it.

    And I *still* see a President Trump getting them to do it.

  10. @Czar,

    So far I have only met one candidate that truly excited me and that was Ronaldus Magmus. No one since has even come close to what he said and then did for this great country. One key thing that this new crop has forgotten is his 11th Commandment and the one that seems to violate this the most is trump. I am very concerned with who he really is and what he will really do. It is almost like the whole hope and change crap all over again. I have NEVER trusted emperor Trumpatine who until recently was a card carrying lib and I am not convinced he has changed. I am not all in for any of the candidates although if Colonel West were to run… but I am more concerned about what trump will do than I am about the others (now that yeb and kripsy Kreme are out).

  11. To all the anti-Trump people:

    Cruz isn’t going to get the nomination by the delegate rules of the Republican party, especially #40. Trump has a big chance of getting enough delegates.

    Trump has a near absolute chance of getting the necessary delegates WHICH WILL then screw over the GOP’s rule changes meant to force their choice of candidate at a brokered convention IF, IF, IF YOU can see fit to go for Trump. If you do not, then you’ve cooked all our hides because YOU are voting on your feelings NOT analytical thinking, AND THE GOPe who is trying to kill off Trump’s chances because HE WILL kill off their power and gravy.

  12. I look at someone’s principles when I vote. Trump has none. Also the apparent randomness of his thoughts, beliefs, and childlike vocabulary are mind boggling. Trumpsters at this point, are looking more and more like the Obamabots of ’08.

  13. @ Jim

    I call b.s. on your comment. Right above your comment I stated a YUGE reason to vote Trump. All you did was denigrate him and his supporters. So I won’t give you any reasons for me saying: You’re pathetically nearsighted and selfish.

  14. Plain Jane, It won’t matter after tomorrow night anyway. What zealots are lost will be made up by cross over voters. He’s polling at 49% today. That’s after Katie Pavlich announced on FOX today that Trump would lose because his ceiling is at 35%.

  15. TO dapenguin

    You have doubts about Trump.
    So do I.
    It’s just that my concerns about all the others are much, MUCH greater.
    It’s OK to have doubts; what’s important to me – and please don’t laugh – is how well the things I trust (take on faith) seem to match up with what I know as reality/fact.

    Reagan’s “11th Commandment” was all well and good for its time.
    And, just as Breitbart was no Murrow or Cronkite, neither is Trump a Reagan.

    NO comment on Reagan “if he were alive today.”
    I hold onto the reality of today.
    The GOP Establishment (GOPe) has taken off its mask.
    It’s not even a Dem/GOPe UniParty…

    …it’s almost like a Dem/GOPe/MSM/FauxRightBlog

    Trump is the ONLY one among the bunch who can – even has a CHANCE! – overcome this Alliace and try to persuade Congress to (say it how you will)
    * do the right thing
    * get its act together
    * cut the crap

    And yes, I’m realistic about his waffling and Lobbyists’ $ power over Congress members.

    BUT HE’S OUR CHANCE in my book.

    Don’t fall into the trap that a loudmouth is a loudmouth
    (i.e. Trump = Obama, big Trump crowds = paid for styrofoam column show attendees, make America great again = hope and change). That is as stupid as saying Cruz = Obama, because they both know alot about the Constitution…IT DEPENDS WHAT THEY WANT TO DO WITH THAT KNOWLEDGE.

    You don’t know what Trump “will really do.”

    YOU DON’T KNOW what Cruz will really do, IF YOU ARE HONEST.
    It’s a matter of informing yourself and a degree of faith.

    As far as LIEUTENANT Colonel West goes: LOOK AT HIS VOTING RECORD!!! I think you might be shocked and disillusioned.

    I’m NOT saying West is a bad guy.

    It’s important WE on the Right get as many people together to support the lead guy to win over the Dems.

    That’s why I say over and over:
    The GOP has set up “rules” for a nominee to avoid a brokered convention – winning 8 Winner Take All states. They begin March 15th.

    IF you live in a winner take all state voting on or after March 15th,
    AND IF there is a clear leader by then,
    to avoid the GOPe being able to “broker” a scumbag into the nominee spot OR, just as bad, allowing the GOPe to FORCE a GOPe scumbag onto the ticket as a VP.

  16. Menderman.

    You got that right. About the time the GOP pull their bull shit tactics and a voting majority is disenfranchised, look the F out. They’ll be RINO’s hanging from all the street lamps.

  17. @ Bad Brad

    It just so sad that these anti-Trump people, not the sincerely pro-Cruz people, are so pompous that they infer that Trump people don’t vote on principles, but they do.

    I’ve voted for principles for five decades, four of those decades I was promised by “upstanding” so called principled candidates, that they were pro-life. Liars – most of them. I call bullsh*t now on anyone involved with D.C. with very few rare exceptions.

  18. TO Menderman

    might as well be

    Nature abhors a vacuum.
    Those following such
    “advice” are merely making it easier for the Dems to win.

  19. Hash tag #NeverTrump is Twitter, a known progressive liberal site, which is censoring conservatives and skewering posts. Twitter is in the process of making itself irrelevant.

  20. QUOTE – Czar of Defenestration
    February 29, 2016 at 6:29 pm
    TO True Troll

    I would suggest that, IF a President Trump did NOT get a wall built, it would be due to a REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRAT-UNIPARTY CONGRESS which blocked it.

    And I *still* see a President Trump getting them to do it. – QUOTE

    You would be suggesting wrong, he has no intention of building something he clearly does not believe in. Boy that cool aide must be tasty. But I will admit Congress will not be sad about that.

    And you will see no such thing from Trump.


    Show us all THE EVIDENCE, THE FACTS to PROVE that Trump “…has no intention of building something he clearly does not believe in.”

    You are a FULL OF SH!T, DIVIDE AND CONQUER TROLL who needs to PUT UP or SHUT UP.

    Oh, but TROLLS don’t DO that.

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