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A Turkey To Be Ambassador To Turkey


President Joe Biden on Tuesday nominated former Arizona Republican Congressman Jeff Flake to serve as ambassador to Turkey.

The White House announced the nomination in a statement Tuesday and Flake wrote in a blog post that he is grateful for the opportunity and “eager to get to know the extraordinary people of Turkey.” More

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  1. Isn’t this the cocksucker whose kid helped let a bunch of dogs die at a boarding kennel because He & his girlfriend were dumber than the average Millennial when the Air Conditioning broke?

    Daddy saved the little fucktards from any real shit storm.

  2. Title should read A Turnkey To Be Ambassador To Turkey.
    Judas gets thirty pieces of silver.

  3. Jeff Flake = TURDUCKEN. Boneless turkey stuffed with boneless duck and boneless chicken. AKA one big boneless and spineless goony bird.

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