A Unicorn Among The Cackling Hens

Talk about worlds colliding. When Fox News’ Harris Faulker went on “The View” this week, Whoopi and co-host Sunny Hostin tried to trip her up with questions on scandal and diversity at Fox News. Faulker very calmly recognized their points then easily countered them earning applause from the audience. More 

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  1. “Applause from the audience.” on The Spue!?
    Wow, things really are starting to shift.
    Maybe people really are starting to figure this hate shit out.
    Hey, it’s my fantasy, let me have it, OK?

  2. Whoopi dripping with envy over Harris’s smooth latte toned skin. Sunny (I guess her parents had higher hopes when they named her), is so skeptical of a black woman devoid of rage she must be a mythical unicorn.

    Btw, notice the huge tacky broach on McCain’s lapel. I suspect that’s where he keeps his emergency cyanide pill.

  3. A Beautiful, Brilliant, Black, Conservative, the other two magpies just cannot stand it.
    That jealousy was running out of Whoopi like a draining carbuncle.

  4. Looked like she frightened those bitches with her intelligence, wit, and charm. She shut up those two on her right without even working up a sweat. She sure wasn’t on there very long and I’ll bet they never ask her to come back on. Kudos, young Lady!!

  5. Some audience members are there because they can be sure someone on the host panel is going to show their ass, in a manner of speaking, and it usually is that ugly, spiteful black woman.

  6. Mags sure has plumped up.
    Wow, the only harpy that the beautiful and always brilliant Harris didn’t screwer, McCain.
    Boy, she sure has gotten fat!
    I bet her mother, the rich arm candy, kinda like Kerry the coward’s, gives her shit all the time.

  7. Woopie always looks like she just crawled out of a dirty clothes hamper.
    I can’t {and don’t want to} even imagine her in a dress.
    She has it all, both ugly and stupid. And you just know she has a funky,musky odor about her no bath could remove.

  8. The arrogance of those ignorant bitches on the View; None of them can come close to Harris’ IQ. They had no idea that so much intelligence and class was going to show them up so badly. ( not to mention the beauty part ).

    Jarhead Cracka

  9. Try some truth about Karen Johnson, (Whoopie’s real name). Drug addict lost her children to CPS and foster homes, thought by changing her name to “Whoopie” cause cushions are so funny and Goldberg promises acceptance in the Hebrew run media. Talent-less trash that the media has allowed to play not only the race card, but also transcend religion. The Hebrew media accepted and still defends it. Thats the real Woopie, but she has no mirror to look into and will admit it. It would crack if she did.

  10. I’m not a news junkie, I NEVER watch those commie assholes MSMFR’s even local news I limit it to just the weather. But usually manage to catch the morning shows thru Outnumbered Overtime. Harris has to be the most professional and believable on their roster.

  11. Okay well, she’s seems to be patriotic and classy. How in the world is she friends with the McStains? Anyone that friendly with the McStains is suspect.
    Also, notice she wasn’t treated to the full “View” lunatic harpie bullying most conservatives have to endure. This woman has some serious high level establishment comnections. As long as she respects President Trump, maybe she can be trusted. We’ll see.

  12. Harris has always been on point whenever I’ve seen her talk. She usually lays her co-hosts to shame.

    And when she talks and I’m thinking “that’s what I would have said”.



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