A Very Important Speech By Pamela Geller in DC That Concerns Everyone Reading This Blog

Facebook, Twitter and Google’s bad practices cannot be shrugged off and simply ignored if the conservative message is to survive.

We cannot simply “start our own” companies that do what these giants do.  And, frankly, I’m not interested in a “conservative only” platform. If I were somehow, by magic, able to develop a company similar to Facebook, as big as Facebook, I wouldn’t shut out the left. Our fight is about freedom of speech, and being the rightwing version of Facebook, doing what they do, would make us garbage truck juice, as well.

Pamela says the left gets to dictate to its politicians what the most pressing issues of the day are, issues like transgenderism. Why is this a huge issue? WHY?

Because the leftwing social media made it a big issue.

We need to make what Pamela discusses here a huge issue for 2020. Trump won largely on doing an end run around the legacy media and having his message spread on the internet.  If we are starved out of existence, which is what these controllers of the public square are doing, the left gets to control it all.

Pamela equates blogs to what the telephone was decades ago, a way of communicating with the outside world.

Imagine Ma Bell listening in on your phone calls and deciding that you don’t get to have one any longer based on what you were talking about.

That’s what Google, who controls 75% of all possible ad revenue for blogs, is doing by cutting off your monetization. There are very few games in town once that happens. You are, in effect, out of business.

These leftist monopolies decide they don’t like what you’re saying and suddenly you wake up ruined. You wake up and you have limited traffic because Facebook cut off your readership. You wake up and your Twitter account is gone, for the crime of being conservative.

This has to stop.

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  1. Excellent insight on Ms. Geller and IOTWorld regarding the need for both sides in any discussion.

    We need to always remember, and hold sacrosanct, that fact that every point of view usually has three points: my way, your way, and the potential for an our way.

    Additionally, truth is much the same: my truth, your truth, and what’s really true. Although true comes from a discovery process that does have absolutes and fewer points of relativity.

  2. The same companies that screamed loudest how eliminating Net Neutrality would destroy “The Internet “ are the same companies that actually ARE destroying The Internet by silencing the voice of a large section of society.
    We need some sort of Social Media Neutrality rules for the big dogs of the industry.

  3. This is one area where the gov’t could (should) step in.

    For all practical purposes these outfits are Common Carriers and should be treated as such. Same as Verizon, Post Office, Frontier, CenturyLink, UPS, FedEx, DHL – and discrimination must be made punishable by fine, imprisonment, and/or death.
    THAT would get their attention. THAT would make them reconsider their blatant prejudices and hypocrisies.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. This discussion is being had elsewhere, which is good news…

    “The future will be a liberaltarian dystopia where it’s legal for billionaires to throw people they don’t like out of helicopters, but only if the billionaires employ a staff of genderqueer of color PR professionals to explain why Intersectionality proves that the dead guys had it coming.”


    Steve Sailer is the guy who coined, “invade the world, invite the world” back in 2006, so if he is onto this problem of which Geller speaks, then the problem is serious.

    These new age robber barons are fascinated by their power, yet they apply that power in the most flippant and their fellow-traveler users and minions see nothing wrong with the Great Society of the internet doing what was once forbidden by our Constitution.

    And for those of us who eschew social media, preferring to dwell in the Comments Section, be aware that “Comments are Closed” will be a more common sight in the future of which we are gradually being shut out.

  5. I wouldn’t mind never having to interact with leftist liberals. Isn’t there a need for our own parallel “Google,” “YouTube,” “Facebook,” and “Twitter” and cable news outlets?

  6. Pamela Geller did well there, the lady that followed her was good too. I hope someone smarter and more influential than I can develope a strategy to taking these guys on.

  7. Saw My first Pamela Gellar post on FB this Morning in a

    looooooong time…I thought it was neat that it coincided with

    this story…


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