A Very Special “What’d He Do?”


He smuggled meat out of a store.


1. He shoved it down the hollow of his prosthetic leg

2. He put it inside his colostomy bag

3. He inserted it up his rectum

4. He put it under his armpits

5. He put it under a toupee

6. He put it under the fenders of his motorized cart

7. He stuffed it into a onesie and made it look like a baby

8. He put it in a jock strap

9. He put it under oozing head bandages

10. A combination of the above


13 Comments on A Very Special “What’d He Do?”

  1. You couldn’t make this stuff up. You think he might be an 0bama voter? I doubt he could find the polling place though.

  2. But if you were starving would you eat it?
    As kids we used to sit around and gross each other out by making questions like that–well they do say truth is stranger than fiction.

  3. Dear SC,
    Thanks for yet another laugh, I mean aside from Lindsey Graham and Jim Clyburn.

    -Chish, somewhere in SC

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