A Virginia Police Department’s Response Shows How You Are Making A Difference

A woman and her young child in Virginia were accosted by rioters. She called 911 but was told police weren’t allowed to intervene. Here’s the rest of that story.
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  1. It’s not near ENOUGH!! This is our problem, we accept a meaningless bone being thrown our way and talking heads out there all pat themselves on the back for contributing to a useless victory. Give me a fucking break!!!

  2. If the police are watching they should ensure the safety of anyone who is being attacked.

    Absolutely shameful for the town, 911 dispatch, & Police.

    That was not a complaint, that was a call for assistance out of fear.

  3. This is not a win. You’ll just be told there is a police officer a block away. I get so sick of our side sometimes, we take crumbs and say we were fed a 5 course dinner. We don’t fight back, hell we can’t even go to the polls and vote out RINOS. Yes we blame politicians, but we wouldn’t have these bastards if we fought and we quit settling for crumbs.

    Then we have idiots supposedly on our side who tells us we should just do one little minor thing like wear masks and keep 6 feet apart and do what we’re told to do to save others. I’m becoming convinced those of us who comment on here are the minority and the rest of the country is nothing but idiots.

    Some days I just feel like it’s too late, we’ve lost the war.

  4. OK. Enough time has passed that I can tell the story of when I asked BFH to paint the image of a Virginia State Police dog killed in the line of duty by a murderous dirtbag from Connecticut.

    He has done many fine paintings in the past, but he poured his heart into that one and when it was presented to his handler and the Virginia State Police, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

    I can attest that it was Hat’s best work ever.
    A masterpiece.
    And the ladies and gentlemen at State Police HQ we’re deeply moved.

    They put it on their Facebook page and it is the main lobby.

    Thanks Fur.

    The thin blue line truly appreciate your support.

  5. This is why you need a dashcam. Because I don’t have a CCW license so I am not going to have my gun with me (unless the situation really warrants it), when I hit the accelerator I want everything on video to support my reasons for doing so.

  6. Anon. Can’t do that. If BFH decides to post then he will. He was trying to keep some of his art biz separate from his politics. I understand that.

    It’s up to him.

    I have probably already said too much.


    Trust me. It’s beautiful.

  7. If someone tells me “police are not allowed to intervene”, they better have lots of coroner vans. They’re going to need them. Some Antifa clown shot a guy driving through one of their barricades in Utah yesterday.

  8. @PHenry, I just found the page with the painting of Vader. It is a beautiful Fur Hat painting and they look very pleased with it. What a kind thing you did for them to remember that handsome K9.

  9. Quotes of the day. Stolen from Ace of spades site:

    “I have been asked who caused the riots and the killing in LA, my answer has been direct & simple: Who is to blame for the riots? The rioters are to blame. Who is to blame for the killings? The killers are to blame.” (Dan Quayle)

    “We see America as the greatest force for good in this world. Our opponent though, is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country.” (Sarah Palin)

    The media still loathe Quayle and Palin for speaking hard truths. I only want to vote for candidates who will never earn the media’s “strange new respect.”

  10. They don’t get a permit to attack people and riot. Once they cross that line police better respond or the shit hits the fan and after that the police and the city get sued for everything I can get.

    Screw this, man.

  11. I agree with LCD. It’s time to accelerate through these animals, while capturing the whole incident on video – the video is the key.

  12. I still stand by the motto;

    “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by six.”

    If I’m still able….I’ll dial 911.

  13. Old Racist White Woman

    Don’t be surprised if they show up there. Like any holiday these days, I’m hearing from multiple sources (LE) that attacks are planned by Antifa over the 4th. It certainly makes sense as much as they hate our history. Keep your eyes open and your handgun close so you can fight your way to your rifle.
    This entire ordeal has upset the wife. Like a lot of us she can’t believe this shit is happening in our country. She’s been going up a training with us for the last couple weeks and announced she’s ready to get her Carry Permit. Now all I need to do is find a G19 in stock. Which is almost impossible.

  14. Brad, I’ll be doing what I always do on the 4th, enjoying my BBQ and fireworks at home with family and friends. So I really hope they head to my area on the 4th. I honestly think they know better around here. Every town around here they held protests, armed citizens showed up and guarded the small businesses. Not many showed up and those that did didn’t hang around too long.

  15. That statement from the information officer sounded like as big of a non-apology apology as I have ever heard. Was there more to her video than was shown here? I didn’t hear anything about any disciplinary action against the 911 operator — unless I just missed it.

    And frankly, why should she be disciplined? I bet she said exactly what candy-asses higher up told her to say. Now SHE has to pay for it? Or if they didn’t actually tell her to say that, they told her that nothing would be done and she just had the poor judgement to tell the truth about how the city leaders and high officials feel about things.

    And this is in the state that does not want people to have guns.

  16. I have begun to carry my 12 gauge High Standard riot gun in my truck along with my usual weapons. It has a capacity of eight rounds. When it’s empty, my Keltec PMR-30 is up next. Thirty rounds of .22 Magnum should buy me time to get out the heavy artillery.

  17. @ Hambone
    Keltec 30 is what I carry too. Also known as the jamomatic, but I found if you bang the the mag hard on the table when loading each round it works well then. Fun gun to shoot. I like letting people shoot it and tell them to pull the trigger until empty. It’s like it never runs out of bang.

  18. The Left are bullies. I have had to fight back, happened in my 20’s but when you knee them in the groin, bitch slap them or clock them on the jaw, their mouths drop in shock. Yes, I was in “one on one” situations. I am now 68. For the last 45 years, I have been very careful about NOT putting myself into difficult situations as bullies love crowds.

  19. Ever since Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, it’s pretty well established that a lot of badge/gun toting “Street warriors” have a yellow stripe like the street running down their back.
    Just like you are responsible for your own hygiene, you’re also responsible for your own physical safety – too important to leave to ANY government entity.
    Don’t leave home without it.

  20. OPEN season on the loons. $50/ear bounty, and if the cops coming looking for a goodguy who offs one of these troglodytes, we defend THEM FROM the corrupt politicians. 😡

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