A Vote Is As Good As A Punch To A Radical’s Face

David Horowitz cuts right to the heart for the violent tendencies from those on the left.


Disruption and chaos has been a tactic of the totalitarian prone since the days of Lenin and Hitler.

Physically attacking the other side is a means to silence the them, discredit their message and dishearten their supporters.


“Aside from Trump’s compulsive overreach what is wrong with anger in the current political context? Is it wrong to be angry at what Obama and the Democrats and the progressive mobs are doing to our country?”


6 Comments on A Vote Is As Good As A Punch To A Radical’s Face

  1. Horowitz writes of what he knows-he used to be a commie, a red diaper baby with honest to goodness, real commies for parents.

    He makes another excellent case for Trump and against the #Nevertrump assholes.

    I’ve enjoyed his writing and his speeches for many years. He’s getting up there.

    They say history doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes-it’s rhyming right now with the attacks on RR, on Goldwater and as David points out, from the 30s when the Nazis and commies used the same tactics to silence their opponents.

    Ted Cruz should be ashamed of himself to be counted on the same side as CNN and the NYT, but I’ve come to see he’s nothing more then your run of the mill lying politician, so of course he won’t. His trick is he wraps himself with the Constitution(what a laugher)

  2. I voted for Trump in the Ohio Primary today. I never did like Kasich and after finding out he’s being funded by Soros and says he will implement amnesty within 100 days of becoming president, I’m wondering how he can even claim to be a republican. (Not that claiming to be a republican means much these days.

  3. Katich and his bullshit claims to have “balanced the Federal budget” is total and complete horseshit. Bill Clinton NEVER balanced the actual budget–was smoke and mirrors . Eisenhower was last president to truly balance the budget. Fuck you lying Soros surrogate Kasich.

  4. And trump is just your run of the mill lying salesman

    Cruz is our only hope and a true constitutionalist.

  5. The hate directed towards Donald from this crew is shifting my support away from Cruz, and to Donald. He has all the right enemies.

  6. Cruz has been taking the heat for us for years, trump for a few months will you guys please stop the whining and the childish accusations of hate every time don gets some criticism?

    I really don’t think the Donald knows what he’s getting into. It’s like the dog who caught the car he was chasing and now what? That said I’ll vote for him but he is not the best candidate


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