A Warning About “Paradise” From The Original Star Trek Series

Gene Roddenberry may have had progressive California tendencies and his creation, “Star Trek,” and may have at times over done it (especially with the later iterations of the Star Trek universe), but there were episodes in the first series with a timeless message. Case in point, Robert Tracinski’s article in The Federalist that uses Episode 21, “Return of the Archons” to warn of a dystopian future should Big Browser successfully carry out a policy to “socially engineer” us all through their search platform. More

Strange, this episode always struck me as anti-religious dogma and the world run by Landru a theocracy that promises peace and harmony at the price of total submission. Now we’re being warned that an activist silicon valley giant may be trying to take us down the same path of cleansed minds and sterile thinking in order to achieve its definition of “paradise.” – Dr. Tar 

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  1. As much as I repeat view and enjoy about 10 TOS episodes and own them all on DVD, “Bread and Circuses” and “Requiem for Methuselah” still surprise me that they were allowed past the censors as is, and not altered on religious grounds (a few lines potentially considered near blasphemy). If you’re familiar with the eps, you can guess why even if you disagree.

    I’m also about the only person on the planet who actually likes “The Alternative Factor.”

  2. Just read up on “Requiem” and found out that in WAS cut down from what the original script had. Wow.

    Back on topic, the basic paradise of Star Trek is never actually explained as far as how it works and what makes it run. It’s pure utopian humanism where man has virtually perfected himself in just about 300 years and doesn’t actually need God (at least no god beyond the god of the human heart, as Kirk says in that flop that Shatner directed). Utter BS, but it’s interesting that it’s the polar opposite to the New Age spiritistic techo-hoodoo of Star Wars.

  3. I liked most sci-fi, and enjoyed ST until the got wierd. Hmm, maybe this article explains what happened to one of my nephews who lived and breathed the later STs besides becoming a teacher who is also a commie.

  4. I have a low opinion of Star Trek and Star Wars. Never watched 1 ST but did watch 1st 3 SW.

    My opinion of 2001: A Space Oddessy is even lower. Clarke was a boy molester and Roddenberry was a supporter of queers. Minds like that produce garbage to be consumed by naïve people. Even going back to the novel Dracula (1898), I now consider SF and horror to be partly responsible for the shit global society we have today.

    What real good have ST or SW ever done?

  5. The best scifi movies were from the 50’s like Forbidden Planet, The Day The Earth Stood Still, War Of The Worlds, the original The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, The Thing etc. etc. All were far superior to most of the scifi since then but I’m still a huge fan of 2001 A Space Odyssey mostly for the visuals. Hey it was the 60’s man and even though I may still not understand it completely it stands on it’s own as a classic. And if you want great British scifi movies there’s The Day Of The Triffids one of my favorite scifi movies when I was 10 about 1963 or so. Having said that some of the best scifi was mostly on the small screen in episodes of the Twilight Zone etc. I wish some one would’ve done Small Deer by Clifford D. Simak, I won’t give it away but it’s a great one (it’s a fairly short story), you’ll have to read it for yourself, it’s a very interesting take on what happened to the dinosaurs. IMAGINATION RULES AND THE WILDER THE BETTER!

  6. GREAT sci fi and therefore maybe Utopian in nature.

    DT, I typed in “ST Original Series, ‘Festival’

    That is what happened at the stroke of 12:00 a Festival… of decadence. Not ‘shown’ in your posted vid.

    Got to sign in and I don’t sign in on YT.


    GR was a futurists futurist.

    “City on the Edge of Forever” – maybe the best?

  7. The original Star Trek was mostly about Morals…

    When an assistant pointed this out to Gene Roddenberry he said


  8. always considered ST a poorly-acted version of Errol Flynn swashbuckler movies … the intrepid captain w/ his merry band of plucky crewmembers … sometimes going into variations of Sci-Fi scenarios

    the SW franchise started out being a Western w/ great special effects & meandered into Ham Salad cracking joke after joke, while blasting everything in sight, to dancing teddy bears & Rastafarian-patois speaking aliens, evolving into hero wonder-women w/ the ‘most-evil-villain-in-the-galaxy’ ending up being the biggest whiner in the Universe

    what can I say? … stupidity sells

  9. Star Wars franchise reached a peak with “Empire” then reached exhaustion with “Return.” There really wasn’t enough to sustain a story to start with and Lucas never bothered to worry about it, just sell more toys and merchandise.

    Star Trek had more substance to work with and sustained itself fairly well, but it too reached exhaustion after “New Generation.”

    The comic book movies have gotten to be dull and plodding, though I did like “Logan” and wish they could have stopped themselves there.

    We pay attention because politics is down stream of culture and when culture produces repetitive crap, then there’s not much to inspire people who partake in it to expect much from themselves or their leaders. Perhaps we’ve become immune to their ability to convey their messages.

  10. Our civilization is using Star Trek TV shows in order to communicate complex social ideas.

    The giant crosshairs I’m painting on the planet Earth just got 25 thousand miles larger in diameter.

  11. @ Bcattin – I agree with the first sentence but please explain wat dee ell the second sentence means?

    @ geoff – good post how bout ‘Journey into the Center of the Earth’? or the series ‘22,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea’?

    @ Tim – not sure how better society is BUT an entire money making industry, agree or not, came as a result.

    @ Grool – Tholian Web

    I fully understand that people have read about ‘them’ being perverse.

    I get IT. I was not thinking about THAT when I saw ST in early re-run when I was a kid, read ‘I Robot’ when I was a kid, or watched Kubrick’s (Weeiiiiirddo correct?) 2001 for the first time….when I was a kid.

    Still trying to figure 2001 fully to this day.

    Not talking about Hollywierd BS, talking about REAL science fiction THAT predicted ya darn cell phone!

    THAT’s just one from Star Trek contributions…

    Star Wars? Lucas watched the Jetsons…

    Saw the first one in the movies, for the record, did not really watch after that. Although the good vs evil and ‘religious’ part is appealing.

    JTKirk is well..Kirk… kick ass….Spock!

    @ Molon….Flynn and all. Makes sense it was not that long thereafter.

  12. I have worked at too many places that are run with the ‘Star Trek’ modus operandi.
    Only three or four people know how to run (save the universe) the place. Anybody new is mince meat after 20 minutes.

  13. Lazlo likes the one on some planet where the flowers shoot spores and you’re all happy. Kirk has to piss off Spock to get him to come to his senses.
    Then they create a ray to piss everybody off.

  14. LOVE The Doomsday Machine. One of my favorite ones.
    There were also a lot of great Next Generation episodes after it was on for a few years. Many of them were very Twilight Zone-ish.

  15. The absolute worst ST fiasco episode was the one where Frank Gorshin and Lou Antonio were half black and white, greasepaint 50-50 bars, endlessly chasing each other around the star trek ship thing

    It was hopelessly heavy handed and tedious racial preaching horse hockey with the subtlety and sophistication of a C-minus middle school theme paper.


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