A worse attack than Pearl Harbor?

Stilton’s Place: To hear the media leftists tell it, the Russian campaign to buy Facebook ads was a worse attack on the United States than the one which occurred at Pearl Harbor. That’s not just our usual whimsical wordplay – that’s what their talking points are currently saying: a worse attack than Pearl Harbor.

This tells us three things about these (unprintable) morons: they don’t give a damn about history, they’ve never visited the Arizona Memorial (which is good, because it’s hallowed ground), and if they ever do visit the Memorial they’ll have to swim back to shore if they open their stupid yaps in front of actual Americans.

This kind of idiotic hyperbole can be dismissed with a shake of the head by rational adults of a certain age. But for younger viewers who have no actual concept of (or interest in) what Pearl Harbor represents, this kind of false equivalency can actually sway what passes for their minds.

So just how big and powerful was the Russian Facebook ad attack on America? And did those ads change the outcome of the election, as the left would have you believe?  MORE HERE

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  1. Bullshit. All major governments meddle in other countries elections, including the USA.
    It is not difficult to understand where some candidates would be preferred by foreign countries, such as Russia knowing that Hillary could be bought relatively cheaply. Foreign governments would then be able to manipulate said candidate through threats of exposure or plain old blackmail obtaining what ever concession they wanted at the time.
    The only Russian collusion in the last election was by Hillary and the DNC. HRC deserves to hang for the shit she’s put the country through for the last year, not counting the monies that has been wasted due to her lies.

  2. If the left has all this new-found concern about the Russians, why aren’t they up in arms about Hillary selling them uranium?

  3. Pearl Harbor led to America’s entry into WWII. The Russian involvement in the election might accidentally lead to the imprisionment of a dozen or more seditious people. One was a tragedy. This other event will be a cause for celebration.

  4. Moose and Squirrel!

    Yeah, like more than half the of today’s under educated morons even know what Pearl Harbor is. If Russia is that much of a threat to your electoral process then I guess it’s time for…….VOTER I. D.!

  5. I have visited the Arizona Memorial. I also saw how the men stationed there dealt with people who were simply ‘untrained’ in their behavior.

    I imagine they’d like a few minutes with these fools.

  6. ” … a worse attack than Pearl Harbor”

    which goes to show that the Socialist/Communist/DemocRats care less about the lives of our military personnel than excuses for losing an election

  7. Yes, but not the way it’s being propagandized.
    The Russians (and the Chinese, for that matter) have been pumping money into American politics, since when, the Clinton Administration, at least?
    We know about the “Chinese connection” through the Buddhist “temple” from which the Chinese influenced the Clintons (buying American telemetry data for ICBMs) and that Mrs. Clinton later sold the Russians 20% of our Uranium reserves.
    The list is long and substantial.
    The Treasons of Obola & Co. are just beginning to emerge – but I’d bet dollars to donut holes that they also are covered with Russian and Chinese fingerprints (as well as izlamic).

    Sad to say – the FedGov is corrupt – too many people reaping too much money from performing treasonously sordid deeds with impunity. When one gets away with it, they will all try – knowing that we (the marks) are too stupid and/or too lazy to do anything about it.

    izlamo delenda est …


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