ABC, NBC Mum on Why Gay Wedding on Rose Parade Float Wasn’t Part of TV Coverage

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( – The two television networks – ABC and NBC – that covered the 2014 Tournament of Roses parade live on Jan. 1 are not saying why the wedding of two men atop the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s float was not part of their programming viewed by more than 60 million people around the world.

When asked whether the wedding was covered and, if not, why not, ABC’s press office said there would be no official statement about the event and cited technical issues. NBC did not respond to the questions.

ABC ran a news article about the gay wedding on Jan. 1 saying the two homosexual men were “making history.”

“One hundred twenty-five years of tradition collided with change and controversy as the Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif., today included a gay marriage ceremony on a float,” the article stated. “The theme of the parade was ‘Dreams Come True,’ and they evidently did for Danny LeClair and Aubrey Loots.”

The local paper in Pasadena, Calif., where the parade takes place each year, posted a story online with the headline: TV Stations Cut Away From Gay Marriage During Rose Parade.”



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  1. I’d like to be optimistic and think that it’s a GOOD sign.
    …that maybe, just maaaaaaybe, these DNC Propaganda Outlets are afraid of losing even more viewers (read: people who would buy the advertisers’ junk) out of the few normal ones they have left.

  2. Maybe they learned a lesson from A&E and decided people are sick of 3% of the population pushing their deviant sexual lifestyles on us.

  3. I wouldn’t mind watching if during the parade fire and brimstone rained down on the float and burned it to a crisp.

  4. Funny how we’ve been told over and and over again that the “overwhelming majority of Americans” support gay marriage. Yet ABC and NBC knew that “the overwhelming majority of Americans” didn’t want to see that perversion in a prime time broadcast.

    It’s time for the silent MAJORITY to speak out loud and clear.

  5. I”m wagering that the crowed booed mightily at this silly and decadent spectacle. The Rose Parade committee would never think of showing a heterosexual couple getting married on a Rose Parade because either 1) no one would think it interesting or 2) it would inflame gay viewers in states where gay marriage was not allowed.

  6. It would be interesting to know just why the Rose Parade folks thought it was a good idea to include the “AIDS Healthcare Foundation” in such an event, in such a manner.

  7. ” Do you PITCHER take this CATCHER to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

    “I do”

    “And do you CATCHER take this PITCHER to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

    “I do”

    “I now pronounce you BUTT BUDDIES!”

  8. Anyone have any info about the crowd reaction? I can’t find anything but the sickening fawning by prog pressers.

  9. The entire parade and news coverage should of been about these two beautiful human beings joining together in holy matrimony. And a shout out to the African-American woman who performed the ceremony. What a beautiful soul.

  10. The fact is, in spite of same sex marriage laws in some states now, much of it instituted via the Judiciary, THE PUBLIC have overwhelmingly voted AGAINST gay marriage, even in California.

  11. This shit is what most normal people DISLIKE about homosexuals. It’s not what they do in their bedrooms(restrooms, whatever). It’s what they do on TV, in the street, in the courtrooms, etc. For a group of people who were reputed to have better taste than the rest of us, things like this surely jerk the old soapbox out from under that lie.

  12. @AvgDude – I think you nailed it. Does anyone know if the gay “wedding” was booed by the people in attendance? If so, they probably didn’t show it because they didn’t want to show the opposition, since the majority of Americans love them some gays an’ all. Not.

  13. Tell me again why it’s me who needs to be “educated” and “have my awareness raised” in respect to AIDS when I participate in none of the dangerous behaviors that will cause the disease?

  14. Their “act of conscience” or whatever didn’t work. Most of us did not tune in because we thought the perversion would be highlighted.
    Tired of seeing those idiotic equal signs on cars. As usual, they take the word “gay” changing it from happy and cheerful to sodomy and perversion. Now an equal sign is perverted to mean total inequality by creating a new super preferential class.
    Got my military retirement statement showing my 1% raise in pension. Also included was a statement and advice for how those special same sex spouses can get lined up for their dependent IDs and all spousal benefits.

  15. I’m hoping that next year they will have a float celebrating marriage between a muslim guy and a goat. Surely the parade commission will not refuse, because to do otherwise would show intolerance of one of the noble, peace-loving religions of the world, right?

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