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ABC Poll Shows How Out of Touch White House Is From, Well, Everyone

CTH: The installed regime of Joe Biden is a joke to the world, and the only people continuing their efforts to prop up the Potemkin village are the irrelevant U.S. media.

Despite their earnest efforts, even the George Stephanopolouses of the world cannot avoid the responses from Americans.  The latest ABC/IPSOS poll [Raw Data Here], which is again a highly skewed effort, shows just how out of touch the policies of the regime are to the domestic audience.

When asked about Biden’s handling of immigration, 64% disapprove and 34% approve.  The open border policy doesn’t have support, even amid the constituencies the regime claims to control.

When asked about Biden’s handling of the economy, 56% disapprove, 40% approve.  Massive inflation created by chasing the unicorn of climate change is hitting everyone hard.  Gas prices, home heating costs, energy costs overall and skyrocketing food inflation prices are a reality that no amount of spin from the stenographers can hide. more

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  1. Justa minute, I resemble that remark. Moe, Larry & Curly all say they relate to him & that he is justa victim of circumstance. Aka, Moe Larry, Cheese.

  2. Do they care? They do not. They have the infrastructure in place that successfully stole the presidential election and the Georgia senatorial election to provide the deadlock in the senate. This infrastructure has been built out in the time following the ‘election’ and can be expected to produce the desired result in the mid term election coming up.

  3. Stole nothing, he was defeated by votes. Though he did, (your former guy) his best to try attempt a coup. The attempt failed.

  4. Anonmyass: A new poll (one that can be trusted) found that 50% say they wish the brain dead ass wipe would be impeached. 50% of black voters say the same thing. So even if he didn’t steal the election (he did) half of the country doesn’t want him. So, you, get outta here, your stinkin up the place.

  5. Joe Bumblefartbox: Look people…If you feel cold this winter, do what I do…just do a poopy in your pants…it’ll keep you nice and warm. Take it from me, it works.

  6. great-grandad always said, never argue w/ a pig. you just get all the slop & smell rubbed off on you … & the pig enjoys it

  7. I worked with George for 12 years. He’s actually not very bright. I had gone to his house in DC a couple of times. Wow! I mean Wow like WTF?

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