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ABC Refuses to Cover Lewinsky Charging Clinton with ‘Gross Abuse of Power’

TRUTH REVOLT: On ABC Monday, Good Morning America positioned itself as the only major network morning show to refuse coverage of Monica Lewinsky’s latest accusation against former Democratic president Bill Clinton. Lewinsky, writing for Vanity Fair in a February 25th article, charged America’s first black president with a “gross abuse of power” constituted by his affair with the then-22-year-old White House intern.

Today covered Lewinsky’s remark the most fully, with NBC correspondent Kate Snow telling viewers:

“In a lengthy, almost academic piece, Monica Lewinsky reinterprets all she’s been through…She says she now associates her affair with President Clinton with the gross abuses of power making headlines today.”

Snow presented the victim of Clinton’s abuse remarkably objectively, recognizing Lewinsky’s charge against the Democrats of being reluctant to acknowledge one of their own as a vile predator:

“Lewinsky is hopeful some in the country will now view what happened to her through a different lens, acknowledging, ‘Some people feel my White House experiences don’t have a place in this movement, as what transpired between Bill Clinton and myself was not sexual assault, although we now recognize that it constituted a gross abuse of power.’”   more

SNIP: Will someone please remind miss thing that Bill wasn’t in that office all by himself?  And if  she really wanted to do something about the Clintons, she would confront them on the street with a camera instead of writing an article in a man-hater magazine to get some cheap sympathy.

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  1. The leftists in the media believe that even Presidents and their wives should be considered innocent until proven guilty and should be given fair and unbiased coverage.

    Just look at how they treat the Trumps. Right?

  2. Slut trying to become a martyr?

    Don’t get me wrong, Bill Clinton is still an asshole destined to have justice served on both he and his ‘wife’ Cankles.

  3. On a some what related note, Stacey Dash is running for office. She once starred in a movie called “Clueless”. So the headlines in California, maybe else where, read “Clueless Stacey Dash Runs For Office”. You can’t make this shit up. The left is evil.

  4. What would you expect from the network that has Stephanopoulos as their chief political correspondent? They are not even pretending to be fair.

  5. “Democrats of being reluctant to acknowledge one of their own as a vile predator”

    Say it isn’t so. Ya’ mean that the Party that compels students to sit in a schoolhouse dedicated to the memory and named in honor of one the most virulent racist/segregationist Presidents in American history.

  6. So, is she finally going to file a complaint against the former president for sexual harassment or have the statue of limitations run out long ago?

  7. Just a thought for the day: I wonder if she has performed “the act” since then or does she now have a phobia for it? If she has, what was the recipient thinking at the time?

  8. I thought she was cute, back in the day; kinda reminded me of Betty from the “Archie” comics. I guess she’s just a whore, a slut…a cunt because she serviced the POTUS when she was all-growed-up at 22 YOA.

    But then, none of our daughters could be compromised by TPTB because we raised them to be bulletproof. Right?

    Yep. Our kids are better than that.

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