ABC Shocked at Biden’s Border Incompetence After ‘Hardline’ Trump White House

MRC: The journalists at Good Morning America on Monday marveled at the incompetence of the Biden administration’s border policy, even calling it a “crisis.” But reporter Cecilia Vega still managed to use loaded language, deriding the Trump White House’s “hardline” efforts. 

Showing that things have gotten so bad even liberal network journalists can’t hide it anymore, Robin Roberts marveled, “Now to the crisis at the border.” Vega was frank in describing the Biden-created chaos: “The Biden administration, they moved quickly to overturn many of Trump’s hardline immigration policies. But critics say they did that without having a plan in place on the ground out here to manage the surge of migrants that followed.”  more here

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  1. …not that The Pedophile isn’t incompetent, but it’s not him OR incompetence that’s driving this.

    Pedophile Biden’s masters are doing this on PURPOSE.

    More kids to replenish pedo stock.

    More thugs for Democrats to use as street enforcers.

    A compliant replacement population that’s already used to being dictated to.

    A conduit big enough to move spies of all nations through.

    …in short, a way to break America for good.

    …it’s evil, but it’s not incompetent. There are no accidents here.

    But of COURSE their media wants you to look away from that, to where they WANT you to look. They’ll have you BEGGING for President Pelosi in just a few more months at this rate.

    They are deliberately overloading the system.

    …see Cloward and Piven for further details…

  2. They’re not “migrants”, they are the new “drug” commodity for the Cartels! What the Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media should be focused on is the fact that the democRAT Misery Merchants are enabling and encouraging the trafficking of human chattel and indentured servants for the Mexican Cartels!
    We’re just here to “protect” the little guy.
    Wherever there’s wrong-doing, we’ll be there.
    Wherever there’s corruption, we’ll be there.
    Wherever there’s injustice, we’ll be there.
    Wherever there’s “racism”, we’ll be there.
    And wherever there’s a bunch of big guys beating up
    on the little guy, we’ll be there too…
    Holding the little guy down with one hand while holding out the other to get paid!

  3. So it’s only bad because Biden didn’t have a plan??

    I guess they’ll say the same thing when he starts WW3 in the Middle East.

  4. After weeks of denying a “crisis”, and a weekend where Corporal Cueball Mayorasskiss pulled a Susan Rice on any Sunday talk that would have him claiming everything is under control, all of the media has decided in the last 24 hours that there is a crisis at the border all at the same exact time.

    The crisis is the conduit to their solution which will be just as bad or worse.

    Namely, Schumer and Buttigeig showing up at the superhumane junior future Americans hostel with his panel van filled with helados, dresses for the boys and some really fun videos to watch.

    Don’t forget, if it wasn’t for Project Veritas’ videos from inside, the media would still be “factchecking” that it wasn’t happening.

  5. I have a feeling that what we’re seeing now is exactly what was intended by whoever it was that gave the orders to do it. It’s a part of a larger strategy that is now visibly in play.

    It might have been Biden or it might have come from from sources higher up the chain of command with Biden being the public face of it, but that doesn’t change that it is an intended strategy to accomplish other intended ends.

  6. I wonder how many “didn’t have a plan” screw ups they will spring on America?? Thank a democrat.

  7. Let me guess…pretty soon Kamala will announce her “plan” that all will gush over as the greatest thing since gluten free bread, followed by the 25th amendment ploy to retire Joe and install Kamala?

  8. Valjar and Soros planned this from the beginning, they will wind up the organ grinder monkey pedo a few more times before he is set aside in order to enact their vicious leftest agenda items as quickly as possible l.

    Then when the country implodes as intended they will confess he was senile all along so they can blame a dead man for the country falling apart.

    He will be dead from either a false flag white gun toting assassin in order to install nationwide gun confiscation or become such a demented lunatic they put him down in his sleep and turn him into a national hero. Whichever best suits their purposes.

    We are completely fucked at this point, not sense in pretending otherwise.

    China will attack Taiwan before the pervert is put out to pasture. Most likely with a simultaneous attack on by NoKo on South Korea to keep us occupied and tied down.

  9. A planned not a crisis that they plan not to waste.
    Maybe- It might be a good time to have the white hats step it up? But what do I know?

  10. Biden’s “incompetence” isn’t a flaw it’s his defining attribute.

    Where have they been for the last 60 years??

    As a bonus, Biden now also comes with incontinence !

  11. “MRC: The presstitutes at Good Morning America…”
    There. Fixed it for ya.

  12. The news turds are just pissed off that the Biden-fronted Entity has kept them from seeing the border clusterfunk. All the media wanted to do was take a look and say “Nothing to see here”, but they got stiff-armed. They should have known that Biden has a proven record of locking reporters in closets. Kayleigh had a binder, Psaki just binds.


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