ABC Suspends Reporter After Project Veritas Catches Him Admitting Network Bias Against The President

Daily Caller

ABC News will not allow its currently suspended correspondent David Wright to report on politics again after he was recorded in a Project Veritas video accusing executives of being biased in the network’s reporting and talking about his dislike of President Donald Trump.

Wright is seen in the video lamenting how he feels ABC News covers Trump. The video was released Wednesday morning. The veteran correspondent “will be reassigned away from political coverage when he returns,” an ABC News spokesman said in a statement to the Daily Caller. More

16 Comments on ABC Suspends Reporter After Project Veritas Catches Him Admitting Network Bias Against The President

  1. “We’re NOT changing our policy of bias AGAINST Trump, mind you. We’re just shiite-canning THIS guy, for blabbing about it.” 🙄

    – ABC News –

  2. None of our on camera nitwits are supposed to report news that has not been cleared through official channels. The presupposition here is that Americans are basically stupid and they can’t figure this out for themselves.

  3. Truth Hurts!

    the criminally stupid!

    when will the msm wake up to the fact that this crap is going to bite all of them in their big ass!

  4. What I’m hearing the guy say is: Because ABC, CBS, NBC (and others) are really just a “paid advertisement” for their commercial interests — selling merch, movie tickets, dvd’s, and subscriptions to streaming — their “news” programming is really just a hook to get eyeballs for those commercial interests. He’s just a “Sham Wow!” guy without the charm. In other words, his fancy Hahvahd and Oxford education enabled him to become a sellout. No wonder he drinks.

    Disney owns: ABC, ESPN, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Marvel and . . .

  5. He’ll be their new “pandemic” reporter once the coronavirus becomes as lethal as the Chinese bio- researchers intended.

  6. At some point someone at Disney/ABC is going to get a real brainstorm and realize that if they’d just honestly covered the biggest, most positive story that’s come down the pike in 75 years, they would have completely revived their consumer base and become the darlings of tee vee broadcast. But that ship has sailed and all they’re left with is chasing down gossip about politicians no one really likes.


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