ABC Worries About Anti-Vaccine Celebs, Forgets It Had One as a Host

Newsbusters: ABC is worried that Hollywood celebrities have been promoting anti-science, anti-vaccine conspiracy theories. Yet, the network seemed to forget that it employed one, Jenny McCarthy, as a host. Not only that, but ABC prompted actress McCarthy to spout her uninformed vaccine views.

Nightline’s Dan Harris on Wednesday explained the threat posed by not vaccinating: “Just last month, Washington declared a state of emergency after a measles outbreak in Clark County where 7.9 percent of children have gotten exemptions from vaccines.” He warned, “Followers of the anti-vaxx movement refute the scientific consensus that vaccines are good for public health and believe vaccines can have serious risks.”

Harris blamed:

Popularized by the likes of Jenny McCarthy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. And Robert De Niro, the movement has become more mainstream than ever and public health experts say it’s having an impact.

At no point in the segment did Harris explain that his own network hired McCarthy as a co-host of The View in 2013.  MORE

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  1. The media for years provided the platform for these idiots to spout their nonsense. So of course they try to back away unnoticed.


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