Abortion Gets The Spa Treatment

In an attempt to make baby killing more palatable to American women, some abortion clinics are presenting themselves as more of a spa than a medical clinic.

By handing out comfy robes and serving warm tea to women while they sit in comfortable earth toned rooms waiting to end the life of their child, these outfits are trying to lessen the stigma of abortion.


This particular abortion provider, Carafem, only offers the abortion pill. They send their pampered clients out the door to do the deed themselves. They keep their upscale hands relatively clean while keeping cost down.

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  1. Look at the Brightside…

    When our emerging Progressive Democrat Fascist Masters build death camps for all the Americans they hate, maybe we’ll get a backrub before being slaughtered…

  2. Anon the ones getting the spa treatment will be the Progtard over lords.

    It took a civil war to expunge the evil of slavery from this land. I tremble to think what it will take to ride us of these Moloch worshipers.

  3. The highly exalted and worshiped medical profession at its finest.
    A foot rub and manicure while you casually eliminate your child. Plus they will even sent you a birthday card on the anniversary of your trash removal and thank you for your stay. Come back again soon. They will leave the light on for you!

  4. Despite the left continuing to support infanticide, there is hope for women who regret starting the abortion process using abortion pill RU486. Process has a high rate of success stopping abortion.
    Great link with more info;
    http:/youtu.be/kqvt0OTzzxc .

  5. Pelopidas, thanks for making the reference to Moloch. Gave me a chance to learn something. I appreciated the Killing Jesus book for the same reason. Now I have a better understanding of the motivations of the major figures in the time of my Savior. All I can say about the article is, where is our humanity?

  6. Nothing says self-centered like having an indulgent spa treatment while getting rid of your inconvenient baby.

    I finally figured out why we have the current POTUS. He is a small dose of the just punishment from God for allowing the murder of millions upon millions of our children by abortion. Remember, he is perfectly fine with all abortions, even partial birth, which shows his truly despicable character.


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