Abortion Reversal Hotline Seeing More Calls Since Pro-Life ‘Unplanned’ Movie Released

WFB: An abortion reversal hotline has witnessed an increasing number of calls from women wanting to reverse their abortions since the pro-life film Unplanned was released in late March.

The Options Line, which is run by Heartbeat International’s Abortion Pill Rescue Network and offers guidance for women trying to reverse chemical abortions, has seen a 30 percent increase in calls, according to Catholic News Agency.

“We do believe that [the sudden surge] was attributed to Unplanned, specifically,” Andrea Trudden, director of communications and marketing for Heartbeat International, said.

Trudden said calls have come from women seeking to reverse their abortions, and from others wanting to learn about abortion pill reversal.  more

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  1. Why does the term “abortion reversal” remind me of what Trump’s doing to Obama’s anti-American legacy?

  2. It might only be 55% effective, tops, and would only have the possibility of being effective in the first 9 weeks of a pregnancy, or until the placenta is able to make progesterone, the update of which mifepristone blocks. That is the drug that ford, kavanaugh’s accuser, researches and promotes. Even if the desired effect is achieved- stopping the ‘chemical’ abortion- I question if there might not be developmental consequences later. But it is good to know that there are options, or choices.
    This raises an interesting question though, and also points to why pro abortion groups are so opposed to any research on this being done, or results made available. Ethically, Doctors are required to inform patients of procedures- their rates of success, possible consequences, and also if they are reversible. Should a Doctor prescribing mifepristone have to tell the patient that the procedure is, initially, reversible? They certainly do not do that now. pp would like this to get buried.
    “It is important to note that when any medical procedure is performed, the physician informs the patient of whether the process is permanent or may be reversed. Thus, since this is a medical procedure, it would follow that abortion education would include the option for a possible reversal, whether that means simply not taking the second set of pills and continuing prenatal care, or finding a physician that will perform the reversal procedure with progesterone.”

  3. Roe vs Wade – Law made in 1973.
    After your decision is made within your rights to end a life and then you want to now have the right to reverse it?
    Too bad, Zip. Zero, Nada.
    Not unlike thinking I’m a Male, not a woman!
    Being conflicted about this, no matter what you don’t understand, how you pee,, hint!
    Your parents and teachers have failed you.
    You’re self inability to understand makes it no one else’s fault but your own.
    Have had very close respected still today friends in my life , 3 of which were honest enough that shared of their choice at the time about this.
    Since then, decision made, still best friends, yet they were never in themselves, the same again.

  4. good God, is that what it took? What a simple solution, why didnt someone think of that earlier???

    Damn, that satans army is good.

    sarc/off. Why did it take so long to reverse the trend? Christians lost battle after battle over this for decades. Millions of Gods children slaughtered. I’ll tell you the difference, TRUMP. God put him in. He walks the walk. Pride has returned.
    Speaking out and standing up to the politician is getting easier for everybody.

  5. TO Charlie WoW
    It takes alot of $$$ to make a film.
    It takes alot of $$$ and talent to make a *good* film.
    It takes alot of $$$, talent and luck to make a good film people want to watch.
    Thank God it started. Finally!

  6. What would help is if corporations would stop using sex to sell things.

    Playboy magazine should die, and the SI swimsuit issue. Leave sex issues out of K-12 education.

    There is way too much reference to sex in the culture. Hollywood seems to believe it is absolutely necessary to portray it in most of their films.

    If sex is put into its rightful sphere, that includes love between a married man and a woman, we’d have fewer women that do not want their babies. Eventually, we can hope they will give birth and give them up to adoption.


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