Absolute D-Bag Complains That Yoga is “Cultural Appropriation” – Absolute D-Bag School Administrator Agrees And Cancels Free Class

The University of Ottawa instructor, who’s been doing this for 7 years, said-


“I’m not pretending to be some enlightened yogi master, and the point [of the program] isn’t to educate people on the finer points of the ancient yogi scripture,’ she told the Ottawa Sun.

‘The point is to get people to have higher physical awareness for their own physical health and enjoyment.’

Jennifer Scharf, who works as a yoga teacher at the Ramas Lotus Center, said the concept of cultural appropriation does not apply in this case.

She told the Ottawa Sun that the complaint that caused the program to come to an end came from a ‘social justice warrior’ with ‘fainting heart ideologies’ in search of a controversial issue that would attract public attention.

Scharf claimed people are just searching for a reason to be offended by anything they can find, according to the website.

‘There’s a real divide between reasonable people and those people just looking to jump on a bandwagon,’ she said.

‘And unfortunately, it ends up with good people getting punished for doing good things.’

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35 Comments on Absolute D-Bag Complains That Yoga is “Cultural Appropriation” – Absolute D-Bag School Administrator Agrees And Cancels Free Class

  1. “Cultural appropriation”???? What kind of progressive/leftist bullshit is this now?? Time for “Pitchforks and Torches” as far as I’m concerned.!!!

  2. I used to blame the universities for creating all of these limp wristed, touchy feelie creeps. I now realize it’s greedy lawyers that actually gave them teeth. Oops… Gotta’ go break something. Again.

  3. Cultural appropriation! cried the white kid with Asian symbol tattoos, holding an Isis flag, and smelling of frozen burrito farts.

  4. It’s the spineless administrators that are giving this bullshit fuel for the fire. If they would simply tell these snowflakes to fuck off(in so many words) it’d end.

  5. “Cultural appropriation” is just another platform for leftist finger wagging and minority whining. Maybe all those who are so concerned about cultural appropriation should stop appropriating our Western culture and all it’s provided, like:

    – computers and the internet
    – harnessed electricity
    – modern pharmaceuticals
    – automobile and air travel
    – universities (!)
    – etc., etc…

  6. A reasonable person who is proud of his cultural heritage would be glad to have some of that culture recognized by others as having value. Even a multi-culti wacko should see this cultural mixing as something to celebrate.

    These anti-white racists’ complaints are now laughably irrational.

  7. As outrageous as the Special Snowflakes prove themselves to be, I gotta say I think the self-immolating professors are just as bad. Talk about spineless.

  8. This is what happens when you stop caning unruly students.
    Following this idiot’s ramshackle train of logic:
    No more ethnic restaurants at all, ever.
    No Western bacon Cheeseburgers
    No Swiss Cheese
    Being Frank is a thing of the past
    No more air guitar (it appropriates others’ talent)
    Karaoke is out as well
    No more ‘going ape’ over something.
    No chickening out
    No more wolfing down your food, young man.
    Barking your shins is not allowed
    No whitening of teeth allowed either
    Blackening someone’s eye is out as well, I guess.
    Enjoying French Fries because they are French is not allowed, however if your enjoyment is rooted in your own region’s potato qualities, you may display enjoyment.
    The worst blow to me personally will be the end of ‘Talk like a Pirate’ day. I’m going to miss that one.

  9. I’m with you, Corona. It’s been fun to watch the universities’ indoctrinated progeny coming home to roost. If they don’t cave in to this nonsense they are rank hypocrites, if they do they will implode their own system. It’s a total win/win for the rest of us.

    And it’s an object lesson of the lie of Utopian societies.

  10. I have several times in my career, lost out on jobs because I have no college degree.
    I get this crap
    “You have more than enough experience, your background fits our needs, and you are better qualified than other applicants, but this position requires a degree.”
    I used to get mad, but I realized that if what they want in their workforce is infantile, snowflakes perpetually looking for something to be offended by, then have at it and be damned.

  11. I know what you mean, lazlo. My job requires a college degree because we score student standardized tests (mostly grade through high school, but some college, too) and we wouldn’t get many contracts if our readers couldn’t tell the difference between a run-on sentence and a comma splice.

    BUT, I do wonder what good those degrees are lately. There are times I cringe when, during training, readers ask me questions that show their ignorance of sentence construction or even usage and mechanics errors. Sigh.

  12. Cultural appropriation my butt. India is doing its best to share and spread yoga as a healthy practice. Is this ‘social justice asswipe’ unaware International Day of Yoga was held recently?
    Unbelievable that this jerk was catered to.

    ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who himself took part in the session after a short speech, could have been proud of his handiwork.

    He had initiated the concept of the day which was then taken up by the UN with support from 194 countries.

    In his address, Modi talked mostly about the health benefits of yoga, and how it can promote peace. He mentioned inclusivity and the ‘fraternity’ of a global family. He appeared to be tuning in to yoga’s growing international popularity.

    But the ancient exercise system is capable of being an economic force and is already a lucrative international industry. ‘

  13. Sorry, but I can’t pass judgment on the fate of Pilate classes. I think I’m just gonna just wash my hands of the whole thing.


  14. There actually is a ‘Christian’ version, where they change the names of all the poses. Rather silly. I love yoga, including the quiet meditative time it gives me. Still don’t feel any Hindu vibes.

  15. Am thinking the overall idea is to get all employed people to train their 3rd world replacements and “maximize profits to shareholders.” << As every business management instructor ever exclaimed through their very clenched jaws, expressing their great contempt for Capitalism altogether and trying their damnedest to get us students to hate it too.

    (sorry for the run-on sentence)

  16. Yes. We are suposed to embrace other cultures and accept them and emulate them according to the left. Then when that happens, they say you stole their culture.

    Nobody is appropriating the homo culture tbough. I guess thats good news…. Liberals need to be imprisoned. They are violent and crazy.

  17. Looks like the little Stalinists have reached that inevitable point in time when the Purges begin.

    Hey, isn’t that marxist culture appropriation?

  18. It’s all about curtailing free speech and thought. Chastise, harangue, belittle, besmirch, abuse, insult, scoff, anything to make the socialists and other societal misfits feel better about themselves and make the general populace reticent, if not acquiescent.

  19. The other day I saw a Mexican eating a s’mores and drinking a Yuenglings. So I screamed in his ear, “Stop appropriating my culture goddammit!!!…”

    He kicked the shit outta me.

  20. This is hilarious since there are Indian Yoga practitioners calling for a purer yoga that is free of it’s own appropriated Westerness. Yoga practice was quite different before it was fused with the exercises of British gymnasiums — then further packaged to sell to American health nuts.
    In other words, who’s zoomin’ who?

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