Absolute Interference

“How can a vendor sell a voting system with this many vulnerabilites?”
Mike Lindell’s latest video presentation- Watch it HERE

If you cannot get onto the website, it may be a browser or VPN issue.

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  1. Lindell is really going all out and standing up for what he believes, hopefully he will be able to prove it to everyone someday.

  2. He’s on the right track with the Quo Warranto. (discussed, but not explained, in the other video I just watched on the site) Love it.

    Quo warranto:
    In British and American common law, quo warranto is a prerogative writ requiring the person to whom it is directed to show what authority they have for exercising some right, power, or franchise they claim to hold.

    That works from an elected president down to local elected people.

  3. I really have hope that this proof will get to the masses. The government knows that the left cheated. Now the citizens need to take this up and do something about it.

    Don’t know what that would entail, but we have the power to change this. We the People.

  4. The Dominion “vulnerabilities” are a feature, not a bug.

    The PowercRATz created a vacuum of demand that Dominion was only too happy to step in and fill!
    It’s just that simple!

  5. When this fake cabal come crashing down I’m going to light a lot of fireworks off and dance on their graves.
    They’re trying to steal everyone’s future and kill off most of us.

  6. I have developed a genuine fondness for this man. Given my mother, God rest her soul, must have purchased something close to a boxcar load of his pillows, I haven’t been in a position of purchasing any of his products, but certainly would if I were in need of a pillow.

  7. Whatever you do don’t buy his pillow topper mattress pad.
    It’s so comfortable I can barely get out of bed in the morning.

  8. “buy American, not Egyptian, cotton.”
    At least it’s not Chinese.

    Last night I was looking at the value of the American Dollar. Pre pandemic the US$ was at $1.02, now it’s at 90¢, a 12% drop and falling.
    The Dems want to press hyperinflation. What happens when the pass the next $2 Trillion pocket stuffer?

  9. So, if this goes before SCOUS, could we totally invalidate 2020 election, reinstall President Trump, and extend his term for a few months, and reverse everything Joe and Kammi have done to destroy our country?
    Put Joey in the Alzheimer’s unit in federal prison.

  10. I just adore Mike Lindell! He reminds me of my father, his being an honorable man. I ordered one of the My Pillow beach towels and received it today. It’s very nice and a good size. His book is a good read also.

  11. Are you guys still bitching about Liberal Voting Systems of Toronto Canada.

    It’s Turdeau approved folks and Works as intended!

  12. Texas rejected Dominion because of too many vulnerabilities to hacking. Voting machines should never be connected to the internet.


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