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Accident CAUGHT on VIDEO – Who was at FAULT? (POLL)

Who's fault was it?

Accident CAUGHT on VIDEO – Who was at FAULT? (POLL)

A car and a truck were involved in a traffic accident. The car caught the incident on video. Who do you think was at fault? Take the POLL.


I would suggest first watching the video with your speakers off. Then watch it a second time with your speakers on. Did your opinion change?

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51 Comments on Accident CAUGHT on VIDEO – Who was at FAULT? (POLL)

  1. I watched once with the sound off and once with the sound on and came up with the same conclusion. It was definitely Mr. Pinkos fault.

  2. the guy in the car is a bully and a complete asshole.
    I feel for the truck driver.

  3. This was no accident.. The driver of the car forced the entire incident which could have easily been avoided.

  4. Did the ass in the car speed up to make this happen? Looks to me like he did. Either way the big-rig driver should have seent he speed increase too. He’ll take the hit for not being in full control of his merge.

  5. seent he speed increase = seen the speed increase

    /goofy finger 😉

  6. Driver of the car purposefully manipulated the situation and created the collision. This is not an, ‘accident.’

  7. The guy driving the car is a fucking retard.

  8. the car guy made this happen. he could of moved over or slowed down. this guy is looking for trouble. the trucker could have slowed and let the car pass but it looked like the car guy was trying to match speed. sound didn’t matter.

  9. The driver with the camera is an idiot and doesn’t know the ways of the road, he should have gotten over and allowed the trucker to merge.

  10. the dumb motherfucker is the one saying “dumb motherfucker”

  11. However, absent the audio/video… the truck driver would have been and may still be held responsible for failure to: “yield to traffic close enough to be a hazard.”

  12. It’s bad enough being a dumb motherfucker, but to video record your stupidity? That’a a special kind of stupid.

  13. video guy was looking for a fight, and looking to ruin a life. Truck driver did nothing wrong.

  14. I have sympathy for the trucker. The stupid laws treat all vehicles alike. There are big differences in maneuverability, braking, acceleration, and visibility between motorcycles, automobiles, and tractor-trailers, yet the imbeciles who write the statutes can’t figure out how to deal with that so they punt.

    You’ll never find me asserting my legal right of way when it is rude, stupid, and dangerous to do so. The car driver in the video was all three, plus profanely insulting.

  15. By the law, the truck driver SHOULD have slowed down and let the car pass. But the car would have deliberately slowed down and forced the truck off the road to avoid an accident.
    The common sense thing to do would have been for the CAR to either slow down or pull into the left lane to allow the truck to merge without incident.
    And this was without and with sound. The car driver is an asshole, and should be soundly beat with his own video in court.

  16. Legally, the trucker was at fault because he was merging. HOWEVER, there is such a thing as road etiquette and common sense. That guy with the camera was messing with the trucker. No matter what the trucker would have done, Mr. Needs His Nose Broke would have made sure he got dinged. He had a plan.
    What was the deal about having the sound off? I didn’t get that. It was the same, sound or no sound.

  17. Car driver would be involved in 20 accidents a day on I25 around Denver. People have this habit of following the merge lane to the end and just entering the ldriving lane. No blinker, nothing.

    Why would you be so stupid to intentionally wreck your car to prove a point?

  18. Lug nut rule: If the other vehicle has more and larger lug nuts than your vehicle, they win.

  19. I can go out right now and do that to the first car trying to get on the highway in the merge lane next to me.
    Makes me an asshole, regardless of what “the law” says.
    The guy filming this should die in a fiery crash. Harsh? U betcha. He’s a menace.

  20. You have to ask yourself if it’s worth having an accident to prove a point. The car could have slowed down a bit, and this whole scenario would be a non-issue.

  21. All depends on the state, but truck was going faster than the car, then it appears the car sped up to cock block the truck, this state I think the car had the last opportunity to prevent the crash

  22. Most states have laws that protect motorists from staged accidents for insurance claims. I’m sayen the truck driver gets off.

  23. Obvious, the asshole in the car was at fault. In which if he did that to me, he’d have a .45 in his face.

  24. Goldenfoxx, 45’s in his face, I’m impressed.
    Sorry, it was a long week.

  25. I really hate how people cannot seem to read the “Yield” signs and obey them. But the guy in the car is a douchebag. There doesn’t seem to be such heavy traffic that he couldn’t have moved to his left to let the truck in. He’s deliberately being a dick–probably has one up his ass because SOMETHING is definitely up there.

  26. Goldenfoxx and BB, that was my response as well. Car driver in need of anger control classes would have been either armed for a drawdown or too stupid to know a .45 slug is bouncing around in his punkin haid, dumbfuck. But since he was doing the selfie thing with the video cam, i am thinking he didn’t have any weapon on him. Trucker should have watched his outside rearview mirror for oncoming vehicles, then jerked open the door and made redneck jump back into the oncoming equalizer. SPLAT case closed. We play tough in Texas.

  27. Maybe the smartest thing Glenn Beck ever said it was about how there are stupid people who need beaten with shovels. Car driver is very stupid.

    No contest, his fault, end of story.

  28. If the car driver really needed to be going fast he should have been in the left lane.

    Car driver need to be charged with road rage.

  29. I don’t know what the law sez, but I’m pretty sure Dipshit had better hope the jury never gets to see that video!!

  30. If you’re at the back of the herd and you expect the front of the herd to stay out of your way you got somethin’ wrong between the ears. Granny says common sense musta been bred right outta that boy.

  31. A coworker of mine died in a fiery crash involving a tractor trailer that couldn’t maneuver fast enough to avoid the collision.
    Who was at fault? I don’t know, but my friend was trapped in his car and died a horrible death.
    Always give big vehicles a wide berth.
    My dad used to say “Regardless of what the law says, you only have as much right-of-way as the other guy gives you.”.

  32. This is all Obamas’ fault! (Hey, it worked with Bush, right?)

  33. There are motor vehicle laws that cover this. the driver of the automobile should be charged with failure to yield to a commercial vehicle. (yes, this is on the books in most if not all states) The auto had time, space and ability to let the commercial vehicle in safely.

  34. the driver of the car was hard to hear, with all that banjo music in the background….

  35. Sound off and sound on, I came to the same conclusion. Car’s fault. He may technically have had the right of way, but if you can safely change lanes or slow down, he should have let the truck in safely. You don’t want to play chicken with a semi!

  36. Make gap, take gap, the ignorant asshole should have had his ass handed to him.
    It was not an accident, it was caused.
    I had never driven on a freeway in my life before being in Los Angeles in the ’70s, taught me a thing or two about freeway driving and the art of merge. There is no yield or stop sign at the end of the merge lane. If you fail to yield to a merging vehicle, it’s your fault. The idea in a merge lane is too speed up, not stop and look for assholes.

  37. Sound or no sound . . .
    The cocks^cker in the automobile should have his head beat in.
    He had to speed up to cockblock the trucker.
    After the orange pickup passed in the beginning of the video . .
    No vehicles were in the left lane to prevent him yielding left.
    The inbred prick should know what two lanes are designed for. .
    I’d of left the worthless motherf^cker bleedin by the side of the road.

  38. With or without sound, the asshole in the car caused this.

  39. Opps …. another fake news story?
    Road Rage would be the driver of the big-rig helping the film maker do a face plant into the truck door.

  40. If the car driver tried using this video in a court, he would be found guilty of reckless driving, sound on or off. He COULD have prevented an accident and willlfully chose not to; so it can’t even be deemed an “accident”.
    Add in aggressive driving, failure to yield, yada yada, assuming he’ll also be an asshole in court, and I’d bet $100 he’s gonna pay and may have his license suspended.
    I’ve been across country 9 times this year and witnessed countless asshole truckers, but it’s asshole cardrivers like this that create bad truckers and chaos on the highways.

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