According to Harvard, Hillary Has Had a “Transformative Impact” on Society

I dare anyone to give me a short list, of sayyyy, ONE THING Hillary has done that has had a POSITIVE (here’s where Harvard might be getting, ironically, Clintonesque with its carefully chosen words) transformative impact on society.



The Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University announced Thursday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will receive the institute’s Radcliffe Medal.

Clinton will receive the award May 25 during Harvard’s commencement week, the Radcliffe Institute said in a statement. The institute awards medals to people who have had a “transformative impact” on society.

“Hillary Clinton’s life and career are an inspiration to people around the world,” Dean Lizabeth Cohen, a Harvard history professor, said. “We commend Secretary Clinton for her accomplishments in the public sphere as a champion for human rights and the welfare of all, as a skilled legislator, and as an advocate of American leadership.”


Hillary would trade in every bucket of sycophantic slop and their ribbons, trophies and trinkets to be president for one hour.

This is what gives me great pleasure when I report these stories.


28 Comments on According to Harvard, Hillary Has Had a “Transformative Impact” on Society

  1. Good term, transformative. She transformed me into a President Trump voter

    He was a lot better choice than I envisioned when I used to say, “I’d vote for a one legged, Polka-dancing, purple-spotted Martian, before voting for her, even if I had to write in my vote!”

  2. Well, she has shown us how ugly and repulsive the constant drive for more money and power is, especially when fueled by vodka and beer.

  3. I’m out.

    She shares the same list of positives as Barack Obama.

    I’ve got nothing good to say about either of them.

  4. “Hillary Clinton’s life and career are an inspiration to people around the world,”

    grifters everywhere sing her praises, you have to admit she’s a great grifter.

  5. Positive:
    (1) She lost the election!
    (2) She is getting old and about ready to die!
    (3) She helped to bankrupt the DemonRAT party!
    (4) She squashed old socialist Bernie like a bug!
    (5) She can’t charge anyone with sexual harassment (she wouldn’t win)

  6. Hillary has done a lot to relieve constipation. Take one look at her, you want to crap your brains out.

  7. I’ve actually given this subject a good deal of thought and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Here’s the deal, and I think you’ll see what I mean: The push to have a woman for president of the U.S. has now been tried. How long do you think it’ll take for someone else to give it a whirl? Or maybe more specifically, how long do you think it’ll take before any sane person seriously considers a woman candidate for that job? I’m going to sound like a male chauvenist, but Hillery Rodham Clinton has all but convinced me that the presidency is no job for a woman. Not in this country, anyway. She turned her campaign into women’s suffrage so much that it became only that cause and really nothing else. I cannot remember a single other thing about her platform that explained any kind of policy except “Hate Trump.” I’m not exaggerating. Instead of being the champion she proclaimed to be for women, she ended up setting them (us) back about 237 years. Her, Elizabeth Warren, Pelosi, Waters, and the rest of them. All hideous examples of women in politics. Nut jobs, feeble-minded, hysterical and conniving.

    Now here’s the other thing: How soon again will it be before America thinks we need a black man for president? Same thing.

    And it’s too bad for us because the first two at-bats were total, miserable failures; seemingly calculated to inculcate deep suspicion and rejection.

    I think there’s a NYTs/Amazon best seller in there somewhere. Anyone want to co-author?

    ~AA (using Geoff C.’s laptop)

  8. Her second run for prez finally got Trump to move off of his 30 years of fence-sitting and decide that he just couldn’t allow this country to risk this level of incompetence and corruption any more.

  9. …and now when I think of Hillery Rodham Clinton, I have to laugh. As M. Stanton Evans once so famously stated: “Vodka corrupts. Absolut Vodka corrupts…”


  10. Only in the same negative manner as Obumbles who bragged, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”.

  11. If by “transforming” the nation they mean undoing the damage by B.O. they have a point. I have not had the time to read the piece but something tells me it is a piece of something to be sure.

  12. I think they made a typo: “We commend Secretary Clinton”

    Should be: We condemn Secretary Clinton

  13. Her most transformative impact was with the the floor of the van. Transformed instantly into a sure loser.

  14. Hillary transformed someone I know from a run of the mill Democrat to a raging feminist liberal. Thanks Hil.


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