ACLU defends student who wore Bill Clinton ‘RAPE’ shirt to school

EAG: ORCUTT, Calif. – Orcutt Academy High School junior Brett Abel wants his teachers and classmates to think about their vote this election, so he’s worn proactive shirts to school to inspire some critical thinking.

“On September 6th, my school informed me that my shirt was offensive and sexually suggestive,” Abel told KCOY.

The teen wore a t-shirt to school with former president Bill Clinton’s face on the front, just above the word “RAPE.”

“Pretty much I wore this shirt because I want people to know that Bill Clinton is a rapist and that people should look it up and find out more,” Abel said. “I just think people aren’t informed and they need to start doing some research with this upcoming election.”

More than a half dozen former acquaintances of Bill Clinton have accused the former president of sexually assaulting them at various points in his political career, with many claiming Hillary harassed, threatened and intimidated them afterwards.

On Monday, Abel sported a “Hillary for Prison 2016” shirt.

“Teachers tend not to like my t-shirts but the students always like them, they always complement my shirts,” he said.

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4 Comments on ACLU defends student who wore Bill Clinton ‘RAPE’ shirt to school

  1. Speaking the truth in a time of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.

    He is a “hero” of the “revolution” that seeks “truth.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. If Bill Clinton is so sure that Danney isn’t his son. Then why not do a blood test? The guy looks pretty much like him so isn’t he curious? Or is splitting Chelsea’s money a problem? haha.
    Is Maury busy? Oprah? Cristina? Judge Judy?

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