ACLU of Virginia and Gov. McAuliffe Go At Each Other

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe declared that the ACLU of Virginia share some of the blame for the recent violence in Charlottesville in a recent interview with NPR.  Executive Director Claire G. Gastanaga, responded harshly accusing the Virginia State Police of doing an inadequate job of keeping opposing groups separate and allowing violence so that “they would have grounds to declare an emergency, declare an ‘unlawful assembly’ and clear the area.”


The ACLU of Virginia’s official statement Here

9 Comments on ACLU of Virginia and Gov. McAuliffe Go At Each Other

  1. They GO AFTER each other?!?

    More like:
    the ACLU tells the Governor, “I’m shocked! SHOCKED! that gambling is going on here!” as Antifa’s Soros connection comes up and says discreetly, “Your winnings, sir.”

  2. WARNING… dont click the “more” tab unless you want to puke because that broad is FUGLY… and I dont mean Mcauliffe, I mean the ACLU broad.

  3. The Gov of Virginia, his last name is McAwfully. Financier and long time helper of the Clinton Conspiracy.

  4. The good people of Virginia should have known better than electing punk-ass grifter Terry McAuliffe as their governor. He’s a liberal Yankee from SYRACUSE for God’s sake! This guy is satan’s own spawn.

  5. “Good people” never would have voted for Clinton’s carpetbagging money laundered. As such, there is no majority of good people in VA anymore.

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