Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler Addresses The EPA, Press

DC: Acting Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler gave his first public address, providing a glimpse into how he will lead the country’s top environmental regulatory agency.

Wheeler addressed EPA staffers Wednesday, only days after Scott Pruitt resigned as EPA chief amid mounting scandals that engulfed his tenure. The nearly 20-minute speech offered a brief and much anticipated view into Wheeler’s personality and management style. The former lobbyist explained his background, defended his past work and even made a Trump-like ding at the media.

“Since this is my first time speaking to many of you, and since you’ve probably only been reading flattering things about me in the press, allow me to briefly introduce myself and then explain my vision and priorities for the EPA,” he said.

The line was in clear reference to the extensive news coverage Wheeler received upon President Donald Trump’s announcement on July 5 that he would be taking over Pruitt’s responsibilities. Critics immediately hit Wheeler’s past lobbying work for a coal company, claiming he would be another ally to the fossil fuel industry. The new EPA leader hit back against this narrative.

“After I left the Hill, I worked in the private sector for nine years,” he said. “I had a number of clients. If you read in the press, I only had one, but I actually had over 20 clients.”  MORE

SNIP: He’s a scamp. I like him.
(Until he gives me a reason not to)

4 Comments on Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler Addresses The EPA, Press

  1. What the hell was Pruitt thinking? He knew what Trump wanted and what he expected from his staff and yet he went on and conducted himself like the typical swamp rat anyway. Squandering tax dollars on lavish indulgences with all the contempt shown by the rest of the pack.
    It must be as hard to quit as a smoking habit once you’ve been there for a while.
    Tom Price did the same thing, these guys are dense.

  2. Really love the “random answers”! Points for originality.

    His comment about passionate environmentalists seems less of an olive branch and more of a warning — we can hope. Sort of like Roz in Monsters, Inc.: “I’m watching you. Always watching.”

  3. Pruitt pissed all over his shoes during his tenure. I sincerely hope that Wheeler can do better. Continued deregulation would be a good start.
    Wheeler should declare the Sierra Club a terrorist organization and eliminate them from interacting with the EPA.
    Rooting out the never Trumpers should be another priority. There is enough backstabbing going on in Federal departments without having staff that is counterproductive to the presidents goals.
    Good luck Mr. Wheeler


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