Should we believe this is a “Trump Supporter” going on a tirade about black store workers and discrimination?

Who knows? There’s a very good chance that it’s fake. Could be real. We don’t know anymore. If it’s real, yawnnnnnnnn.

It’s been posted on Youtube as if this is AN OUTRAGE!!!

Is she looting the store? No.

Is she setting the store on fire? No.

Is her pants around the crack of her butt? No.

Is she speaking clearly? Yes.

Well, as loony as she is, she’s still a more desirable citizen than a looting, rioting, inarticulate, pants-sagging hood.

I rest my case, and I really don’t even know what my case is… but it’s rested.

As for me? I’m not rested. I need a nap. This run-up to the changing of the presidency is exhausting.

15 Comments on ACTING!!!??

  1. Hmm. Hard to say. All the Trumpsters I know would never act like that in public.
    However. Millennial. They can’t help themselves.

  2. LOL! Acting major/Trump supporter or not, girlfriend invaded and trashed some safe spaces.
    Store probably not located in the hood. Evidence of that one of the sales girls needed a hug!

  3. Fake or real, all the hollering and screaming is out of place, and accomplishes nothing. If she will not discuss her grievances quietly and rationally, store management should ask her to leave. If she refuses, call the cops.

  4. Hollering and SCREAMING in public without cause, is a Liberal tactic. So, no… this isn’t real it’s FAKE. Just like her Burberry scarf. FAKE.

  5. Anybody who does not know there is a lot of discrimination against whites is either blind, never goes out or is just plain ignorant. The difference is that we don’t get bent out of shape over it and riot and burn innocent businesses. We just go to another store.

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