Action Hero Trump

This is for anyone that can’t get enough of Trump wasting his enemies.

I post this halfway through the video because the second half is better. The 1st half has lots of great moments, but it’s not as well done.

ht/ jerry manderin

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  1. These memes are satisfying, but the conflict isn’t funny anymore. It’s become deadly serious.

    We just survivied a three-year long coup attempt. Now we’re strugging for our freedome during a leftist- rigged “epidemic” for a flu-like virus of the kind we have surivived for countless generations without a tiny infraction on our freedom.

    We used to think the first shots of the next civil war woudl be in Virginia. Now, we’re thinking Los Angeles:

  2. I am a Canadian who is a “history geek”. I have long thought that the second American Civil War will start in Democrat strongholds, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Detroit and Baltimore.
    I think it is very interesting that when viewing a map of the USA for the Wuhan Flu, that the central Red states such as Idaho, MOntana, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, are predominantly spared. That could be because of their smaller populations (seeing the same thing here in my province of Saskatchewan). These states are also the “worker” states, not a lot of welfare – I could be wrong.


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