Activist: Elizabeth Warren’s ‘White Squatter’ Ancestors Were ‘Complicit in Cherokee Dispossession’

A Native American activist and citizen of Cherokee Nation slammed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in a Huffington Post op-ed Friday, calling on her to “tell the truth” about her ancestors’ interactions with indigenous tribes — alleging that her maiden family, the Crawfords, were “white squatters” on Cherokee land. -Story at Breitbart.

SNIP: Pass the pemmican and popcorn, please.

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  1. Warren’s 1/1024th South American native and gets to call herself a Cherokee Indian.

    I’m 1/50th Norwegian, does that mean I can call myself a Viking?

  2. And what gave the indians right to the land? Did they buy it ? Was it bequeathed by the stick god? No they were squatters. And the land was there to be used by all not just a self chosen few.

  3. A career liar, she has done so much for “her tribe”! {absolutely nothing] which is the same value as her word.

  4. Claudia, tried Pemmican once at an event called Feast of the Ste. Claire in our area. Think bird suet cakes and you’re in the right area. Never gotten hungry enough to consider trying again.🤢

  5. @D.Tim, Knew a bunch of re-enactors, they did the rendezvous thing.
    Yep, suet, meat “powder”, dried blueberries and nuts, if you had them.
    Supposedly, it was eatable forever, like Twinkies.
    Three days, that’s how long before you will eat anything, that won’t eat you first.

  6. …for you Pemmican bloggers, last time I was in Cherokee, NC, I found it difficult to even get a burger from the Indians at the Dairy Queen behind Chief Sanoukee’s old place. The restaurant was filthy, the counter manned by apathetic teenaged Cherokees, and the counterman who eventuallly wandered over kept correcting me when I tried to order what was clearly on the menu board as a “Big CHIEF” burger to a “Big CHEF” burger. I felt like telling him if he wasn’t happy with the cutesey localization of a Dairy Queen staple for the tourist trade that he should probably take it up with his management instead of ME, but it’s generally unwise to argue with people preparing your food out of your sight if you want to limit your other people’s spit and window sill bug intake in your meal.

    …I had similar experieces in MOST of the restaurants there that were crewed by authentic natives, from a Big Boy to the guy selling pecans in one of the hundreds of strip malls, usually sullen apathy beyond the normal teenage kind, followed by lackadaisical serving of a substandard meal in a store that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in the last decade or so in an apparent retaliation for a 1740s smallpox incident.

    If they had a problem serving entrees because of silly corporate monikers, I can only IMAGINE the pile of floor sweepings and bathroom squeezings I’d be inviting onto my plate had I have asked these sulky children for “Real Injun Food”.

    …it’s a LOT better at the mom-and-pops, at least off-season. There’s a little hotel next to a creek that’s run so casually that late check-ins get their keys at another hotel nearby for it, but it’s clean and comfortable and the staff is quite cheerful (when they show up in the morning) named the River’s Edge motel that’s a hidden jem, and there’s a nearby restaurant that actually seems to LIKE tourists named Paul’s Family Restaurant that’s pretty good, isn’t self-conscious about it’s “Indian” themeing, and they actually CLEAN the place, so it’s not all bad on the reservation.

    Also, the bison ain’t bad there. No Pemmican, though.

    …sorry about the travelouge, but all this about “Indian” food just popped a memory cap, which led to my characteristic oversharing. Thanks for your patience with this off-topic side trip, but the whole place generally has such a fake “indian” theme even with REAL EBCI residents that it ALMOST seems that Lizzie would fit right in, and so the side trip down memory lane commenced…

  7. This ‘spokesman’ misses the mark by a mile: apparently the shithead is otherwise content with warren having stolen opportunity earmarked for Indians.

  8. @ SNS: My experience with conferences (100+ attendees) in some “Native” owned/run outfits here in MT was the same. “Native” employees often tended to run toward sullen, white employees were pleasant and responsive. Of course, we were “white”, they were “Native”…

  9. @forcibly deranged, do they do that thing in MT where they try to dress “authentically” for the tourist trade, but then let anachronisms slip in? You know, stuff like a guy in a loincloth and deerskin britches complete with feathers and paint talking down a cell phone between “Unto These Hills” performances, half-naked stickball players having water ladled to them out of a “Gatorade” bucket, Wampum-wearing squaws donning “PINK” outerwear over it, etc.?

    …I’m just saying, they can’t even stay in character in “9 to 5” Indian villages for tourists, so it seems like they don’t even take their own REAL heritage as seriously as a Disney Princess on-property in FLA takes her make-believe one…

  10. @ SNS: As a matter of fact, it’s the white dudes and dudettes who do the “Native” thing at Mountain Man Rendezvous doins. Their outfits typically are VERY accurate to the Mountain Man period and quite beautifully done – many with beaded, originally brain tanned buckskin that gets aged and discolored through spilled food, general wear and such. AND, let me tell you, a well built young woman looks better in a clingy brain tanned outfit than many do naked or in bikinis. The exceptions are the Native “Pow Wows” where period authentic outfits are worn – beaded, quilled, feathered and some painted gear. Amazing and beautiful workmanship. Otherwise, I see “Natives” with braids and beaded medallions from time to time but usually they’re wearing the same western garb as the rest of us: jeans, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, snap front shirts, rodeo belts, shorts, t-shirts, gimme caps and the like. The only ones who wear “authentic garb” – often it isn’t – much of the time are agitators and politicians.

    It was said in the “old days”- mountain man fur tradin’ days – that the whites “out Indianed” the Indians. Except for the Pow Wows, that’s kind of true today too. But the primitive rendezvous that whites put on and attend are white men’s luxury games – hardly necessary and pretty damned expensive. Even if you make all your own gear, rifle parts, other weapon parts, brain tanned buckskin, cook gear, buffalo hides, teepees and such can run into BIG bucks, not to mention the time to put it all together.

    I went to three rendezvous many years ago with obsessed friends who’d spent BIG bucks and many hours on their outfits. Some of my garb was donated by one of them. I’d built my rifle and knife from kits, sewn moccasins and a primitive shirt, had a wool blanket and was barely “acceptable”. My final was one I went to at Fort Union (beautifully restored, I’ll add) where it rained most of the time and the people I was with spent most of the time there bitching about other people’s “inauthentic” outfits. That was enough for me. Hah! I caught giardiasis at the second one, near Yellowstone NP, drinking from a stream far up in the hills.The first one I went to featured a drunken knife fight between two idiots over some words spoken to a woman. The loser was saved only by his rib cage because the winner was going for his heart with his knife. The winner was kicked out of camp and the loser taken to a clinic. And that was the first and LAST time that land owner allowed his land to be used for rendezvous. Some goofy idiots, I have to add, went to the fight site to mop up the blood with sprigs of sage. God knows what they did with it. Maybe put it in their soup???

    Anyway, not for me. Slow learner. Still enjoy black powder doins but just with a few friends and family.


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