Actor Vince Vaughn Seen Talking to POTUS at NCAA Championship Game- Libs Go Mental


First, they were triggered after seeing Ellen DeGeneres talking and laughing with President Bush at a Cowboys game last fall.

Now, liberals are apoplectic after actorVince Vaughn was seen chatting with President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump at the NCAA Championship game between LSU and Clemson last night in New Orleans.

Journalist Timothy Burke tweeted a 30 second video in which Vaughn can be seen speaking with the President and the First Lady and shaking their hands and wrote, “I’m very sorry to have to share this video with you. All of it, every part of it.” MORE

15 Comments on Actor Vince Vaughn Seen Talking to POTUS at NCAA Championship Game- Libs Go Mental

  1. Timothy Burke’s anti-Trump comments disqualify him from being called a journalist. From now on he is a left-wing political opinion columnist

  2. The President of the United States is the most powerful man in the world. I am number 3,768,090,256 on that list. If I have a chance to meet the President and shake his hand, I will do so because…he is the President of the United States. That doesn’t mean I agree with him, support him, or even voted for him; it just means I got to meet someone very few people get to meet.

    Timothy Burke is lower on the list of powerful people than I am because he is a loser. Burke doesn’t realize that chatting with President Trump without having to bow down, or kiss his ring, or call him by some sort of regal name, or even agreeing with the President’s statements and comments is something Americans get to do without fear of being arrested or jailed or exiled. The most powerful person in the world cannot violate the rights of American citizens like losers such as Tim Burke want to do to people who disagree with him. You go, Vince Vaughn.

  3. Let even one person, even a Lesbian, escape the liberal prison for a few hours, and they wet their pants and go into hysterics.

    Cry-baby sons-a-bitches.

  4. If they are triggered because Vince Vaughn was respectful to The President of the United States then the only resolution to the problem is for all the liberal darlings to kill themselves.

  5. Had to look the guy up to see if I had ever seen him in any movies (I hadn’t). His name sounds like he ought to be a lead singer for a 1950’s rock and roll group. “And now we’re asking all you guys and gals here at the senior prom to give a big hand to our featured performers – Vince Vaughn and the VelvetTones!”


  6. I foresee a GREAT market for “Black Capsules”, especially after 11/4/2020. Supposedly they offer a painless way out…

  7. Timothy Burke had even more sand poured into his mangina on his Twitter feed over that stupid tweet.

    Paging John McCain and Ted Kennedy’s brain tumor, you have more work to do!

  8. Vince Vaughn was in ‘Rudy’ as the Notre Dame QB that picked on Rudy, but redeemed himself & threw the TD in the last seconds (halfback option) so Rudy could get to play the last play

  9. Vince Vaughn is a huge supporter of our military. And of 2A rights. He’s made no secret of this. A true American. Libtards need to fuck off.

  10. “…now I could barf” Fuck you, choke on it then. He’s talking with the President and 1st Lady? OH NOES!!! Really bitch, FOAD.

    I’ve seen Vince in lots of movies, he’s good, especially at comedy.


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