Actor Who Accuses Seth Green of Pedophilia, Allegedly Chokes Paris Jackson


An actor who allegedly choked Paris Jackson and accused Seth Green of pedophilia is now the focus of a police investigation, on the heels of threatening a shootout with cops  … TMZ has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge of the case tell us LAPD’s Threat Management division opened an investigation of Isaac Kappy on Friday … for alleged harassment and stalking of Seth and his wife, Clare.

We’re told Kappy has repeatedly accused Seth of pedophilia — most recently in this rambling video he posted last month.


Is this nutball going to be the face of pedogate accusations? I hope not. It’s almost like he’s been deliberately sent in to discredit any credible work.

(Disclaimer: I have no knowledge of any Seth Green problems with children. I’m just commenting on this Isaac Kappy guy, who doesn’t seem all that stable to me.)

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  1. So, he’s saying a guy who made a living playing with childrens’ toys well into his 40s and does voice work on cartoon with an overtly gay baby might be a pedo, eh?

    Thanks, Detective.

    Robot Chicken Little.

  2. Whew! Just for a second there I thought that headline read: “…Chokes Paris Hilton“.

    I don’t think anybody is well-endowed enough to do that.


  3. I watched some of the Bruce Willis roast last night, some of it reasonably funny. I think it was Demi who made the joke about Bruce visiting Weinstein and coming home saying ‘I got the role!’

  4. Isaac Kappy has been naming Pedos in Hollywood. A lot of them. I’ve watched what he said about Seth Green. It doesn’t seem to me he’s stalking them. At all.
    Now, I haven’t watched everything he’s done, but it sounds to me like the typical smear campaign has been launched against him. Everything I’ve seen of him … he stated he was heartbroken to learn Seth was a Pedo…. has him coming off as a peacenik. So, don’t know more about it than that…. but I definitely wouldn’t take the word of TMZ on this guy. He claims to have been following Q from day 1. He’s an obvious target.

  5. If they are smearing Kappy, my apologies.
    I’ve seen a few videos with him and he seems maybe a bit happy, maybe medicinally induced happiness.
    Just my take.

    If he choked Paris Jackson, that wouldn’t be too good.

  6. Agreed…. and the thing is, it’s hard to know who is who… even when someone seems legit…. they could be a plant. I admit I know nothing.
    Here’s another bit from Isaac:
    Also, in one video I saw of him, he said he was “there” “with Q from day 1″… leaving me wondering if he knows/has more than he’s saying. Other things he’s said suggest to me that someone may have promised him protection. If Q represents something real…. I’m dying to see what they have. Waiting for the big reveal.

  7. BFH: Isaac is Smoking weed and said he loved smoking in his first video, the guy is an Ball of Energy trying to stay chill. He appears honest to me, and seems to really be affected by Childldren being ruined.
    We shall see.

  8. TMZ coming forward is at this point is like the Devil sending a Demon to Clean up any loose ends. If Hollywood is the Devil incarnate, then the Media are definitely his Demons and Jinn.

  9. Eh, I dunno…
    The assault of Paris Jackson seems legit as far as I can dig up…
    And this guy seems kinda insane. I tried to watch a couple of his videos but I just can’t… do it.
    There is something seriously off about him. So I don’t trust him.

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