Actual Poem By Beto

Hipsters are posers. Beto is posing as a hipster. That’s poser to the second power.

ht/ hot salsa

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  1. ‘Buff my Balls’
    Gladly with an 18 volt Dewalt, will sand it down flat to the gouch,,
    And we’ll call him Jazz
    Right Lennie?
    OK George!

  2. Where go I, follows my DUI
    Yes I always got high
    I’m a composite bitch
    Drove my car in a ditch
    Tearing down walls afraid of guns
    Baby I was born to run
    Fled from the scene of the crime
    I can’t do the time
    Silver spoon white privilege
    My pal Hillary say’s “it takes a village”
    Baby I was born to run
    2020 is gonna be fun
    Gotta keep the blacks at bay
    Along with the jew haters and the gay
    Baby I was born to run

  3. Just awful….. but then again, I am no poetry critic……..
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. Why does everybody go along with calling him “beto”? Constructed bull. Call him friggin bobby o dork.

  5. Dr Drew called it: there is something wrong with this bozo.

    But the sicker, the better – this is the left, after all.

  6. Democrats have a schizophrenic reaction to cows … first it was hate the Cow Farts, now it is love Thy Cow and its stuff – milk, cheese, and thrusting the hooves into the analytic passage – Yowza !!

    Whatever this sickness is — it is all BULL- SHIT!

  7. He needs to leave the poems and politics alone and get back to chewing trees down and damming up streams. It’s what he was built for.

    Besides, if he doesn’t keep those incisors active they may grow threw his skull.

  8. “Well butter my butt, he sounds like a nut, if he were elected it would be a punch in the gut” An original poem by Different Tim

  9. What a bottomless fountain of stupidity and embarrassment this man is for the political party that thinks it should be running this country. Every four years, people with past lives with more skeletons than a cemetery let their egos tell them to run for public office. This year beats all the rest. It’s as if Trump Derangement Syndrome has convinced a pack of prevaricating posers to expose themselves at every opportunity that presents itself. O’Dorko has surpassed all the others, and he’s more fun watching than a flock of crazy cranes.

  10. Roses are red and blue. Yes we can go pick them. Yes we can go get back. Yes you are welcome. Yes we are going down there and we are going to be there. I don’t know what to do with this place in front of me. Yes you are welcome.

  11. Bobby O’Sicko

    He must have had a huge cocktail of booze and drugs in his system when he put this mess together.

    If late night comedians and SNL still had any real comedic inclinations they would have this on.


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