Adam Laxalt Wins GOP Primary For Nevada Governor In Landslide Victory – IOTW Report

Adam Laxalt Wins GOP Primary For Nevada Governor In Landslide Victory

DC: Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt defeated over half a dozen candidates to win the Republican primary for governor of Nevada in a landslide victory Tuesday night.

Laxalt defeated seven other candidates in the GOP primary, with the closest opponent, state Treasurer Dan Schwartz receiving only 10 percent of the vote with 33 percent of precincts reporting, while Laxalt had 68.3 percent of the vote.

After the election was called, Laxalt blasted Democrats in an exclusive statement to The Daily Caller News Foundation, regarding whoever he will face in the general election.

“Whoever escapes this brutal Democratic primary, my opponent will be a career politician who has spent decades complaining about the problems, and little time getting to work on the solutions. This is a choice between leadership and cronyism. Real solutions, or a radical agenda that would take our unique state the way of California, Laxalt said in a statement to The Daily Caller News Foundation.”  more here

8 Comments on Adam Laxalt Wins GOP Primary For Nevada Governor In Landslide Victory

  1. Meh, more American royalty. Sen. Pete Domenici (sperm donor), Gov. and Sen. Paul Laxalt (Grandfather)

  2. Couldn’t disagree with you more, Major. He’s an outstanding young man who will be an outstanding governor.

  3. Major Mal Function, I tried to make an exception to my personal No Dynasties rule, but I just couldn’t do it. I still hope he beats whatever Dem that shows up.

  4. Brown Eyed Girl, you’re probably right, but the trouble with “American Royalty” is that the scions are almost always beholden to old obligations and alliances (not “allyships”, Chelsea) which limit their ability and will to move in radical ways when required.

  5. So he’s the grandson of former NV Gov. and Senator Paul Laxalt who was Reagan’s original choice for VP before he had to cut a deal and take on a worthless Bush.

    That’s a good lineage.

  6. Autofill turns his name into “Laxative”.

    @Thirdtwin, we’re on the same page about nepotistic American Royalty.
    H L Mencken and Mark Twain would each be appalled to learn it persists into the 21 C.
    It’s a Third World mindset.
    Naturally it seems to appeal to Africans and simpleminded kumbiyah females.

    In addition to term limits, the Republic needs anti-dynastic laws.
    One Federal post, elected or not, per family, per every three generations or 75 years, whichever is longer.

    This would have spared us both George Dubbya and prevented FDR.
    And also spared us The Most Qualified Woman(tm) Ever.


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