Adam Sandler on Thanksgiving – SNL – IOTW Report

Adam Sandler on Thanksgiving – SNL

Adam Sandler and Kevin Nealon sing a comical ditty celebrating Thanksgiving, how much he loves to eat turkey and peppering in facts that happen to rhyme with what he’s talking about. [Season 18, 1992]

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  1. Now that the family’s gone home and the kitchen set back in order and the wife asleep after a big day, I needed to put this someplace, guess here’s as good as anywhere.

    I am thankful the Lord has given us a place to live that we can cook a meal and have family over to eat it at.

    I am thankful that the Lord provided us that, and every, meal.

    I am thankful that the Lord has kept my family alive another year, and even expanded it by adding my grand nephew, who is not quite a month old but has had no illness or deficit.

    As annoying as it is that I have to get up in a few hours and go to work, I am thankful that I have work to go to and the ability to do it.

    I am thankful that I have the means to go to work, and that no one has died on me there this year, and that they continue to provide for my family’s good health insurance so no one’s died on me at home this year either.

    I am thankful that the Lord saw my wife through a difficult and dangerous surgery, that He guided her surgeons hand and her subsequent treatment, and that the cancer appears to be removed.

    I am thankful that I have a Lord to pray to for all these things and He answers these prayers even in this sick and sin-stained world and even though I’m no angel either.

    And I am grateful for our hosts here, BFH, MJA, Claudia, Illust8r, Dr. Tar, Mr. Pinko, Hippie Critic, and Irony Curtain, as well as the whole cast of characters here that helps me keep what little sanity I have left by listening to my gripes and keeping me amused and informed with their own.

    Thank you Lord, for these things and for everything.

    And may God bless you all now and every day.



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