Adam Schiff Crosses Red Line, Goes After All Trump’s Banks Like A Two-Bit Gangster


Adam Schiff just went full gangster and crossed all of President Trump’s red lines at once. Look, Mueller came up empty so what does Schiff think he will find?

That Trump is wealthy and like all rich guys, he has a complicated series of investments, properties, stocks, etc…

This is a new low for Adam and his crew of conspiracy theorists masquerading as the democratic party.

From Politico: House Democrats on Monday issued a subpoena to the German lender Deutsche Bank seeking information on President Donald Trump’s finances, a major escalation of their investigation into his business dealings.

In addition to the Deutsche Bank subpoena, House Democrats subpoenaed other banks — including JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup — seeking information on Russian money laundering. The issuance of the subpoenas was first reported by The New York Times.

The House Intelligence and Financial Services Committees are ratcheting up their coordinated investigations into Trump’s business dealings as the Justice Department prepares to release findings from special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe on Thursday.


16 Comments on Adam Schiff Crosses Red Line, Goes After All Trump’s Banks Like A Two-Bit Gangster

  1. If that little bug eyed fuk had tried something like that with the clintons, he’d have committed “Clintoncide” by now.

  2. Adam schiff is up to his ass in the Trump spygate shit. He’s about to get a criminal subpoena from Nunes. Keep playing, pencil dick. Keep playing.

  3. Maybe he’s trying to find a source of money to pay for his wife’s psychotherapy sessions. I’m told that his wife has been in therapy ever since VSPDJT was elected.

  4. @MJA: Perhaps you’re being too kind. Maybe “needle” would be better than “pencil”. Maybe that’s another reason his wife is said to be in therapy?

  5. he is a tyrant
    his requests, excuse me- demands, for tax and banking documents imply that he believes there is either collusion or incompetence on the part of those he is making the demands upon. Does he think the IRS is unable to go over tax forms? Am I to think that perhaps the IRS might not be properly reviewing tax forms- and especially mine? The same with banks. He is saying they can not be trusted to perform their commonplace duties. They have oversight already, and by several regulatory agencies, who have already performed their duties. Nor does he have the skill to perform those duties himself.

  6. toby miles- No shit, huh? As if the IRS hasn’t raped his documents for the past 20 years?! Ask Rush Limbaugh about that. lol.

  7. I looked at those eye & quickly imagined a man that just realize that the 2 people behind him, massaging his shoulders & buttocks, were fellow democrats Joe Biden & Barack Obama

    I’m still laughing at the thought … think I need another drink 😉

  8. President Trump needs to have a high-court judge issue an injunction to stop these illegal subpoenas. When that happens, Chitty Schiff just may have a massive coronary from the stress & just keel over.

  9. How much more friggin’ tax payer $$$
    is this useless turd going to spend ???


    Wait’ll you see how those eyes bug out, when Big Bubba, at the BIG HOUSE, snuggles up to him that first night at Leavenworth! 😮 😮 😮

  11. Has that bug-eyed pencil neck geeky SOB ever looked in the mirror?

    I guess so. Why else would he act like such hateful prick with a chip on his limp wrists and shoulders?
    A normal person though would want to avoid cameras if they looked like that.

  12. When do these bastards start seeing indictments for their TRAITOROUS activities? This is dragging on so long I’m beginning to lose faith in the justice system.

  13. I’m guessing that the Deutche Bank will tell Shiftless not only “NO”, but “FUCKIN’ HELL NO, ASSHOLE! COME AND MAKE ME!”

  14. He has endless tax dollars to squander by hiring hundreds of investigators to sniff around various banks and holding firms.
    No evidence no problem, he’ll just keep digging and distracting the president until he finds that Trump once wore a pair of unmatched socks. WAFAH!!


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