Adam Schiff & Dianne Feinstein switchboards flooded with “Russian Bots”

Adam Schiff & Dianne Feinstein accuse “Release the Memo” Americans of being Russian Bots!

Sen. Feinstein, Rep. Schiff urge Facebook and Twitter to investigate involvement of Russian bots in pushing “Release the Memo” campaign: “If these reports are accurate, we are witnessing an ongoing attack by the Russian government through Kremlin-linked social media actors.”

The push-back by American Patriots calling them out has flooded their phones. HERE’S WHERE YOU CAN GET THE PHONE NUMBERS

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30 Comments on Adam Schiff & Dianne Feinstein switchboards flooded with “Russian Bots”

  1. I haven’t tweeted since last April but I retweeted a post by Mark Meadows and I #ReleaseTheMemo’d. Not a bot. Dummies.

  2. These two must refund back to the treasury the money they were paid on the clock to meet with each other (and any others), to come up with this scheme, and the admin/support costs for writing and sending their letters.

  3. Russian requests weren’t a problem to Democrats when Hillary sold them Uranium One.

    That memo must be kryptonite to them.

  4. As a part of the tweet #ReleaseTheMemo storm I was contacted by Twitter to confirm that I was not a robot. After my confirmation of being a person they let me continue my tweet storm.
    I called Schiff Face’s office and got a message to call later because of high volume or some BS. I called Fifi-stein’s office and was actually able to talk to someone to let them know that I personally tweeted #ReleaseTheMemo and that I am one of millions of Americans that want the memo released.

  5. Czar

    I’m not sure how much classified info your average retired Navy Seal has access to, but there’s been a couple of them screaming at the top of their lungs for about 6 months now that Trump need to get rid of his SS detail asap and replace them with Special Forces guys. Trump originally kept some of his private security detail. It would be nice to know if they are still there.

  6. BB cited one of the greatest speeches in several decades. I supported Trump before I heard it but after those words I had no doubt that he understood exactly what was going on and how deep in peril our country was in. This is so inspiring it needs to be listened to on a daily basis.

  7. How’d that song go?…

    Here’s a little ditty about Adam & Diane… two communist shits doing the best they can…

  8. Czar

    Not sure that link you have for Q’s latest drop is legit. Here’s the link to the 8Chan folder where he makes all his drops. It’s the ONLY place he drops. He just added a new one.

    “▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/24/18 (Wed) 11:54:08 No.58

    TODAY, former President Barack HUSSEIN Obama formally retained counsel (9/WW).


  9. Czar,

    No. Any and all Q drops appear at that link. He will not drop any place else. He’s had to move it once because someone was cracking his security. Don’t ask me how they knew, those 4Chan and 8Chan guys are scary smart when it comes to that shit. Here’s the old site and it looks like they are repopulating it with current drops.

  10. I called Di’s phone and they answered. The girl on the phone was nice but tried to read me the canned answer they have about Russians. I decided to go the nice route and told her what a great job Sen F. was doing and that between her and Chuck Schumer I was very happy with the way they have been leading the democrats and how I was looking forward to the midterm elections.
    I really am thankful for the old whiteheaded geriatrics that are leading the lemmings to their final death plunge. Now if only republicans in the house and senate would get behind our President.

  11. Who knew? Now I’m a Russian bot. All this time i thought I was a human female born in Pennsylvania.
    What a pair losers. They’ll get Facebook to put a load of people in FB jail for saying ‘release the memo’.

  12. Well I just spent an hour on Brads link. Too bad I’m at work and actually have to do some work. Thanks for the post BB.

  13. tctsunami

    I got to get some shit done too, but some one just sent me a 4Chan summary with the decoder ring. Freaking fascinating. I’ll try and post it someplace tonight that relevant.

  14. The fuc is scared. He knows that is socialist DEMS are going down.
    Very one of this SOB are going to jail.Adam Schiff # you to.


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