Adam Schiff Freaks Out

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  1. Pretty good, though I see Schiff back in his room sitting in front of the mirror telling himself he is the smartest guy in the world on how he has out maneuvered Trump with his “star” witnesses. LOL.

    Though I can actually see Pelosi doing this every day after watching what has happened and screaming how Schiff is single handily going to reelect Trump and ruin the Demorat party for the next 4 years.

  2. Schitty is doing this for the children – so no one will ever be put in a cage under the control of Trump ever again. He’s on a mission from Gawd.

    Or else he’s pretty delusional.

    How else could someone live in a van so far down into fictionville down by the the river?

  3. It is way past time for everyone to turn off the Main Stream Media. 90% of journalism is FAKE NEWS. They all have an agenda. Watch the network news and their take on this impeachment circus is diametrically opposed to reality. Then, they have the impudence to rationalize and justify their propaganda as they shove it down our throats. Creatures like Schiff are a creation of FAKE NEWS, a symptom of a much worse condition. Our political system has fallen into a state of total disorder. Washington DC is a festering boil on the ass of the nation. It’s a fair estimate to say that third of our citizens are actual morons. Too many of them are either psychologically damaged or criminal in nature. Climate Change isn’t going to kill us in 12 years but our elected and bureaucratic government may be the real cause.

  4. Funny.

    But it would imply some sort of self-awareness.
    As a fish has no concept of water, a Demonrat has no concept of responsibility.
    His “perfectly laid narrative” is STILL perfect – just that that “Damned Donald Trump” has somehow gotten to his “perfect” witnesses – either that, or the proles are simply too stupid to see through the veils and penumbras of the “testimonies” and perceive, as he does, the REAL “truth.”

    Schitt’s a rabid dog – but then, again, so are most of the nihilistic totalitarians.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. How long before the left screams “that video isn’t really Adam Schiff” and Facebook attaches disclaimers to any posts of it?


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