Adam Schiff Responds to Trump Tweet — President ‘Intended’ It as a Threat

He must be working under the assumption that we can’t read.


Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said on Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s “This Week” that President Donald Trump “intended” to threaten him, referring to a tweet from the president earlier in the day.

Trump tweeted, “Shifty Adam Schiff is a CORRUPT POLITICIAN, and probably a very sick man. He has not paid the price, yet, for what he has done to our Country!”

Schiff said, “I made the argument that it’s going to require moral courage to stand up to this president. And this is a wrathful and vindictive president. I don’t think there’s any doubt about it. If you think there is, look at the president’s tweets about me today, saying that I should pay a price.”

Host Chuck Todd asked, “Do you take that as a threat?” WATCH

31 Comments on Adam Schiff Responds to Trump Tweet — President ‘Intended’ It as a Threat

  1. @Bad_Brad:

    Payback is a bitch. And Shifty will get everything that he has earned. Hopefully a firing squad.

    Ah. The recent spike in ammunition sales now makes a lot of sense: millions of volunteers.

  2. I’ve grown tired of hearing Schiff quoting the demon Barong that keeps telling him about a evil orange haired man. Drugs will do strange things when over used for years. Sad that the MSM keeps believing the wacko and his personal demons.

  3. The mealy mouthed little Schiff is gonna get his recompense- whether it be on earth or after the little shit dies remains to be seen.

  4. When Prez Trump called Schiff a very sick man, IMO he was referring to the pics of Schiff hanging out with the murderous gay meth-head democrat donor Ed Buck, along with naked black guys and drug stuff in the pictures.

    As soon as the Prez is acquitted, that’s when the pics will be released of Schiff and at a minimum he will be hounded from office.

  5. People should start sending the lying pencil neck tweets of the various nooses used throughout history. As long as they call it a history lesson, no threats implied.

  6. Ever wondered how much drop it would take to snap that wretch’s neck in a “judicial hanging”? The ‘net sources suggest that most “long drop” judicial hangings use a drop of 5 to 9 feet to ensure a quick, clean death without decapitation. What do you figure it would take for pencilneck – 1 or 2 feet?

  7. Not only does he look like Fire Marshal Bill, he’s a pussy too. Someone needs to tell Fred Blassie about this twat.

  8. How have all these traitors to the country not been rounded up and hanged yet?

    da fuck. what are we waiting for? keep letting them invent bullshit based on bullshit based on bullshit based on thin air.

  9. Shiff is developing a new area of study for lawers…
    It deals with implied intent, tarot cards, chrystal balls, assumptions and other ephemeral aspects of brain activity,

  10. Let’s don’t pick on Schiff. After all, he’s a queer and he’s going to spend an eternity in hell. Isn’t that enough punishment?

  11. I’m going to trust POTUS Trump in his assessment of Schiff. He is a very sick man. I hope it doesn’t happen, but I could imagine Schiff being extremely distraught to the point of complete breakdown after all this…and after the irrefutable proof emerges of his own dirty dealings with Ukraine, China, or whatever other dirt Durham/Grassley are digging up over at State.


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