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Add Brain Aging To Down Side of Being Obese

British scientists studying the brain have found that middle-aged people (deemed 50 years old) who had a BMI over 25 had brains that were 10 years older.

“We found that those who were overweight had significantly smaller volume of white matter compared with their lean counterparts – amounting to a difference of 10 years.”


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  1. I might buy a premise that horribly overweight people vote liberal, prog or democratic and they began with smaller brains.

  2. I had the huge bad luck to sit next to an obese person on a flight once. His ass squished out from his seat, around the arm rest divider and oozed over into my seat. His fat, pudgy shoulders were pressed against my upper body. And this fucker was sweating. Miserable flight. He didn’t say a word to me.

    How does someone let themselves get like that? Don’t they have any self respect? I couldn’t walk out of the house with an ass like the picture, much less get on a plane. Are you kidding me?

  3. If that chair could talk, it would sound like mrffff mrfff as it slowly suffocated from all the weight.

  4. Trying to see things from the other side, people who are morbidly obese likely have much anxiety surrounding air travel, going to a theater, or anywhere where they’ll be seated next to another. I’m not defending obesity. Corrective action is a choice.

  5. I read some disturbing statistics about men the other day.

    The average man in America is 5’9″ and 195 pounds.

    75% of males over 20 are overweight.

    What a lousy country, all these emaciated…wait, what?

  6. The obese have a higher consumption of brain toxins from the tons of extra crap they eat. And their overworked immune system (75% of which is in the intestines) can’t properly process all the toxic intake. They flood their system with toxins.

    Then you have the neurotoxins they consume for acid relief from overeating, like the aluminum in antacids, Prilosec, etc., that are now being found in the brains of people who died with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

    If a person really eats healthy, staying away from the man-made processed foods, they won’t crave food 24/7 like those who eat crap food every day.

    I’ve never seen an obese person who grows their own food and hunts their own game. Laziness is part of the equation too.

    * Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that can help protect the brain. It has been shown to help patients undergoing chemotherapy and other toxic treatments.

    But nothing can replace just eating healthy food.

  7. “…morbidly obese likely have much anxiety..”

    This should be the initiative to lose the weight! If people can’t walk a couple of steps without gasping for breathe, this should be an initiative. If you are sitting down and stand up and half your pants stays in the crack of your butt, this is an initiative (yes, I have actually seen this, not a pretty sight). We have made it easier to be obese than staying healthy.

  8. As a program director that worked with a multidisciplinary team of physicians who treated morbidly obese patients, I must say the medical info stated in these posts is absolutely false. As for all the opinions directed towards people who suffer from this disease, you all sound like genuine fucking assholes. Your compassion is underwhelming, at best. I hope you all lose a leg.

  9. Somewhere (Dr. Bert Herring maybe) I read a quote said to have been found in Egypt and written over 2000 years ago, “We live on 25% of what we eat. Our doctors live on the other 75%.”

  10. CDC data shows that doctors kill more people than cancer.
    But don’t expect a doctor to tell you that.

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