Add “ing” at the end of a movie or TV show. What’s it about now?

The Breakfast Clubbing-

Tale of a serial murderer who is an actual cereal murderer, killing his unsuspecting victims while they eat breakfast.

The Bad News Bearings-

Documentary about the deliberate suppression of a Toyota recall that led to the deaths of thousands on the world’s highways.

The Lords of Flatbushing-

Two brothers invent a pill that straightens pubic hair.

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  1. What Happening? Hillary Clinton details her love of cute Negroes from 70’s sitcom’s. Written entirely in Ebonics.

  2. “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsing”

    Leftist Hollywood actresses go on tour displaying their Harvey Weinstein tramp stamps.

  3. Jurassic Parking
    The tale of two old farts trying to find a parking spot at a mall on Black Friday. The right blinker is always on.

  4. I am nauseous yellow or pink depending on the color of her pantsuit. She gives me the heavey jeaveys. Thank God she lost or all of us would’ve tossed our lunches or tossed our cookies in disgust by now.

  5. The Burning Manning
    Hardcore trans genders go nuts and try to burn Bradley Manning at the stake after they discover he lied about being trans gender just to get out of prison.

  6. This is Spinal Tapping – In this documentary, anthropologists discover a remote Amazonian group of natives who communicate over long distances by signaling with marimbas made from human backbones.

  7. “$64,000 Questioning” – After leaving Congress, Trey Gowdy presents his bill for after-hours time spent on the Benghazi hearings.

  8. ‘The Graduating’ – Students spend their college years protesting conservatives and hiding in safe places while lamenting Hillary losing the election and worrying about global warming soon bringing on the end of the world.

  9. A reminder to some commenters: The rules say “ing” must be added to the END of the name.

    Just say(ing).


  10. Citizen Kaning – Kim Jung Un beats soldiers who aren’t able to lift their legs to his eye level while goose-stepping.

  11. Schindler’s Listing – The story of the heroic efforts of the crew of the rescue ship SS Schindler to keep the craft from capsizing when all the Syrian “refugees” go to the east side of the ship when called to prayer and then refuse to move.

  12. Megyn Kelly’s Today Showing

    Middle aged anorexic washed-up news maven who refuses to wear underwear, perches on a bar stool while interviewing has-been female celebrities who refuse to wear underwear too.

  13. “Body Doubling”

    A hilarious tale of woe that besets Rosie O’Donnell when her vanity precludes her wearing prescribed reading glasses and she misinterprets the South Beach Diet.

  14. The Third Manning-

    First there was Bradley.
    Then there was Chelsea.
    Prepare yourself for yet a third gender –Brachel!

  15. The Elephant manning

    depressed about serving time for treason Chelsea Manning copes by over eating and gains 200 pounds

  16. The Lake Housing-
    George Clooney converts his Lake Cuomo mansion into a refugee center. His family gets raped and killed. The end.

  17. Gunga Dining-

    Experimental art film that follows a man name Gunga as he tries to eat at every fast food restaurant in
    New Delhi.

  18. The Stinging

    A deranged female scientist develops a breed of
    Killer bees and sets them loose in Hollywood as revenge for the suffering she endured at the hand of a rich Hollywood producer/executive

  19. Robo Coping-

    Documentary about the creator of an automated phone bank that calls democrats and talks them out of their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  20. Goldfingering:

    Weinstein collects female Oscar-winners in his lair to do with as he wishes.


    Barack 0bama secretly stows away in Fort Knox. This is the story from the point of view of the video cameras.

  21. Planet of the Aping-

    True account of planet earth where late night comedians tell their lemmings what to say and think the following day.

  22. Das Booting –

    Angel Merkel is expelled from office and the new administration wises up and deports its Muslim refugees.

  23. Isn’t it amazing how much time we have in an NFL free world? I’m starting to like it.

    Now…. back to the foolishness.

  24. The Flintstones-ing

    Takes place in modern Germany. Follows a group of Sharia enforcers who execute blonde women and girls.

  25. La La Landing-

    Gripping true story of a stripper named La La who was forced into action and landed a 767 jumbo jet after the cabin crew fell ill eating bad clams.

  26. paper mooning

    An Italian Paper Mache artist Gilpatto creates a doll which magically comes to life but quickly reveals a perverted side to his personality.

  27. Joan of Arcing-

    Emotional tale of the first woman to graduate from the Apex Technical School and start her own welding business.

  28. Thunderballing – In this long-suppressed X-rated film, Sean Connery plays a neurotic meteorologist who can become aroused only during electrical storms.

  29. Brokebacking Mountain
    The harrowing tail of Carlos Danger when Huma finds him in a mountain cabin with Barry Soetero.

  30. Minority Reporting –

    Fictional account of the day that all white MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, The NY Times, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Slate, The Atlantic employees got “woke” and turned over all their jobs to #BLM.

  31. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stoning-
    A young wizard travels to Saudi Arabia, gets arrested for witchcraft and is stoned to death.

  32. Zorba the Greeking-
    Avery sensitive, touching, exploration of the Greek culture. May not be suitable for all ages.

  33. The Stories we tell-ing

    A group of urban youth reveal the best alibi’s they have used to avoid arrest and prison

  34. The Love Bugging

    Dean Jones plays an ultra slick spy sent to plant bugs in Washington DC for the love of Country

  35. Beverly Hills Cop-ing

    Disgraced black Detroit detective moves to an exclusive neighborhood in California and cheats Medicaid out of millions posing as transgender counselor while at the same time bilking HUD out of millions for fake bricklaying minority business enterprise contracts.

  36. The Chariots of firing

    Reality show where President Trump summons all his advisers has them compete in a rodeo arena to decide who stays and who gets fired

  37. Godspelling

    Musical portraying the lives of 12 Spelling Bee contestants who follow the King of the Spelling Bee for pointers on how to win

  38. Mash-ing

    Sequel to the popular comedy the Right Stuffing (see above)

    an insecure wife struggles to make a Christmas dinner with mashed potatoes for inlaws haliarity insues

  39. The WiZ-ing
    a man pees on third rail ends up in a hospital where he meets a nurse who shares his fetish for peeing in public

  40. The Fucking;
    New TRUMP reality show where he drives the left and their media sycophants to openly expose themselves as the batshit crazy prigs they’ve always been.

  41. Pattoning…. the story of a quirky, battle-worn general and his obsession with making all of the US Army tanks as shiny as his parade shoes.

  42. Dumb and Dumbering…. enjoy the wit and wisdom of John “Maverick” McCain and Hank “Tippy Guam” Johnson as they travel the media universe with presstitutes in tow trying to find out who says the dumbest shit. Cameo appearances by: Paul “Eddie Monster” Ryan, Auntie Maxine “Impeach” Waters, Fauxcahontas, Chuck You Schumer and many, many more.

  43. California Kidding… the state that wants to secede until they realize they’re broke and need a bailout

  44. A Prophet-ing

    Hillary Clinton makes good on her threat to become a preacher lands a gig as a televangelist adds millions to her net-worth laundering money through her ministry

  45. The Terminating. A group of sci-fi fans travel to Hollywood to explain to the executives that the whole “scary robot travels back in time to kill a member of the Connor family thing” is OVER. And please don’t make any more.

  46. Watermelon Manning… Bradley/Chelsea Manning takes it to the next level; identifies as black womyn

    (I apologize for that!) 😈

  47. Speaker of the Housing (Nancy Pelosi) Teasing you with Gems of having you to pass these bills to find out what’s in them,and other pearls of wisdom,like shouting “Wolf ” in a crowded Theater.

  48. The Silencing Of The Lambs – a woman that attempts to share that her friend was shot in Vegas from a direction not coming from the Mandalay Bay is met with scorn and threats by the MSM, FBI, and the CIA.

  49. Forresting Gump – Forrest is kidnapped by Euell Gibbons who now leads a vegan cannibal cult that wraps their victims in pine tree car deodorizers.

  50. The Wilding Bunch – bikers in a search for new kicks terrorize progressives at different Starbucks by knocking over lattes, smashing laptops, and shouting heavy metal lyrics really loud.

  51. The Wolfing Of Wall Street – Bankers gone wild as they invade an all you can eat sushi buffet and force them to close early by eating everything in sight.

  52. Paper Mooning – conservative artist Sabo hacks the presses at the LA Times and his naked butt appears on every copy’s front page with Jimmy Kimmel kissing it.

  53. The Mary Tyler Moore Showing –
    Documentary about the back room fighting where the family argues whether to have an open casket or not.

  54. Napoleon Dynamiting – Napoleon gets his revenge on all the idiots in Idaho and tater tots for life in a series of bomb threats to the main Ore-Ida plant.

  55. Diagnosis Murdering-

    Sadistic doctor induces heart attacks in patients by telling them they have 24 hours to live.

  56. Apocalyptoing – A Precolumbian tribe in Yucatán descends into foot fetishism before being massacred and barbecued by a neighboring group of cannibalistic furries.

  57. The 39 Stepsing – re-incarnation of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers singing and dancing their way to stop a nuclear attack.

  58. Missing Congeniality – Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein go pub crawling in Texas talking trash, and then hilarity ensues when locals thwart their escape from Texas at every turn.

  59. Cape Fearing – As the storm approaches, a zany crew of misfits hold a hurricane party. When one of them observes that they’re all “whistling past the graveyard” it triggers their fear of vampires and they are driven to mass suicide by drinking poisoned Suffering Bastards made with wood alcohol.

  60. Greening Acres – Al Gore’s plan to cover the Arctic with solar panels and wind farms is foiled when a group of rogue polar bears turn him into their own personal sex poodle.

  61. Rugrats go wilding

    When Tommy’s dad loses his job the kids sell drugs and rob tourists to help their parents make ends meet.

  62. Failure to launching

    when a missile fails on the launch pad Kim Jung ill finds inventive ways to execute those he holds responsible.

  63. Schindler’s Listing

    Oscar Schindler puts his Berlin flat up for sale at half its value right before fleeing Germany

  64. The Deserting Rats

    Entire Democrat party bails on Harvey Weinstein in order to save some semblance of credibility

  65. Old Yeller-ing

    Travis Coates weeps with joy when he learn that his pet dog has Hepatitis C as opposed to rabies

  66. Moby Dick-ing

    Monstrous white whale makes Capt Ahab his whaling bitch. Only movie to ever receive a XXXXXX rating

  67. The Shagging Dog

    Austin Powers’Labrador Retriever also revels in the sexually libertine era of Swinging London

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